Photos from the D.C. driver story

I’ve been meaning to put together the facts regarding the strange story of the D.C. driver event but haven’t had the time. So, for those interested in the story, here are some of the photos I gathered from various online news sources.

From the event in Washington, D.C.:

chem drill scheduled DC 02 DC inside

“A U.S. Park Police helicopter is loaded on the Mall in Washington, Thursday, October 3, 2013, with a victim from a shooting”:

DC police remove a victim of the shooting

Is this the same “shooting victim”?

DC police removing shooting victim 3

More D.C. photos:

DC smiling cop 02 DC smiling cop DC spectators DC_cap police

This appeared on TV screens in the Capitol:

message on capitol tv

The scene in Stamford, Connecticut:

ct 01 ct bomb squad per uk mail ct FBI outside UK Mail ct hazmat 2 ct hazmat barbeques ct hazmat

These are allegedly photographs of the inside of Miriam Carey’s condo:

ct inside 01 ct inside 02 ct inside 03

The outside of her condo:

ct outside front DC Stamford_her house

Outside the family’s Brooklyn apartment:

ct outside front_or bklyn

Photographs of her car in D.C. are in previous posts. Here are some links that may be of interest:

Police may or may not have removed child from car before killing DC chase driver

Some oddities in the DC car chase story

DC car chase leaves bloodless shooting scene and lightly damaged car

D.C. driver’s funeral – what are these people wearing?

5 Facts Regarding the Capitol Shooting No One is Talking About


Capital Shield 2014: First Responders train in Nation’s Capital

Capitol Hill chase: Police shoot woman suspect dead

Going ‘Dent’al ? Woman In DC Who Tried to Ram White House Identified – “Miriam Carey”

In Months Before Wild Capitol Scene, Miriam Carey Battled Psychosis

Source: Schizophrenia meds found at home of woman in Capitol shooting

Meet Miriam Carey, Suspect Reportedly Killed In The Capitol Hill Shooting

Miriam Carey 911 Tapes Show Mom Killed In D.C. Chase Thought She Was Being Stalked

Miriam Carey’s Sister -Valarie Carey, Author and Community Activist

Miriam Carey, identified Capitol Hill car chase driver, was taken for mental-health evaluation

Miriam Carey Day Two

Miriam Carey, driver shot near U.S. Capitol, likely struggled with mental illness, police say

Miriam Carey’s lockbox held passport, foreign currency

Connecticut woman Miriam Carey suffered ‘postpartum depression’ after having baby before crashing White House gate, mom says

Sisters of woman shot dead on Capitol Hill call her ‘troubled soul’ and that she didn’t deserve to die the way she did

Stamford woman killed in Capitol shooting

‘She thought she was Prophet of Stamford and Obama was stalking her’: Dental hygienist shot dead after ramming her car into the White House ‘had been taking medication for schizophrenia’

What Is Alhurra, Network That Caught D.C. Car Chase on Camera?

What Pushed Miriam Carey to a Capitol Hill Tragedy?

White House and DC police tight-lipped over handling of fatal car chase

Woman in DC chase may have thought Obama was stalking her, sources say

Police Chase Ends in Gunfire Near Capitol. Suspect Dies After Confrontation; Two Officers Injured

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