“Chilling” new Sandy Hook photos

Here’s an example of what the New York Post considers “chilling”:

The school:

broken window from inside_NYPost

A rifle:

bushmaster rifle_NYPost

A rifle in the trunk of Adam’s car:

rifle in trunk_NYPost

The car with a sweatshirt nearby:

car and jacket_NYPost

Adam’s bedroom:


His video games:

video games_NYPost

His video game console:

video game console_NYPost

And a pile of stuff they found in his bathroom:

his id_NYPost

Okay, the i.d. with the phony, elongated photo of Adam is disturbing and so is the bedroom. Either no teenager actually lived in that room or the photo was taken after authorities took everything out. But why show that, rather than the room the way he allegedly left it?

There are more, equally unimpressive, photos on the Post site and a few more on other websites. View them at your own risk. You don’t want to have nightmares over chilling photos of unfired bullets.

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