What is our government doing to our military and law enforcement?

According to Army Times:

Between April 1, 1947, and Sept. 30, 1950, VA doctors lobotomized 1,464 veterans at 50 hospitals authorized to perform the surgery, according to agency documents rediscovered by the Journal. Scores of records from 22 of those hospitals list another 466 lobotomies performed outside that time period, bringing the total documented operations to 1,930.

For what it’s worth, Army Times is part of Gannett Government Media, which is “home to one of the world’s largest government news organizations.” The company produces news for military and defense audiences.

There’s also news of MIT discovering a vaccine that may prevent post-traumatic stress disorder. A Fox News report quotes the researchers:

“We have a rat model of PTSD and what we show is that rats who’ve had a prolonged exposure to stress are more likely to have very strong fear memories when they encounter some sort of trauma and that’s the same kind of relationship between stress and trauma that we see in people,” said Goosens.”Our work actually suggests that if you knew somebody was going to be potentially exposed to a trauma, then putting them on a drug that could actually block ghrelin might actually lower the incidence of things like post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression.”

What are the odds that they will test this on our troops without their knowledge? Also from the Fox News article:

[B]locking ghrelin might be something that can be done after people have suffered a trauma.

If so, the number of people helped by these findings could potentially expand to include those that suffer sudden unexpected trauma, like a terror attack, or extended periods of extreme stress, such as rebuilding after a natural disaster or surviving child abuse.

Multiple victims for the new vaccine. Can you picture FEMA lining people up for this after a natural disaster? Unfortunately, it is easy to picture. And Fox News loves promoting vaccines. This morning they were excited about mandatory flu vaccinations for children under the age of 5. It was a disgusting display of the propaganda being spewed at us through the mainstream media.

Anyway, we suddenly discover that the government lobotomized nearly 2,000 veterans after WWII. Why release that info now? Around the same time we’re told about the new wonder-vaccine that will probably be used on our troops and the rest of us, if they can get away with it. We also know that the president has forced out around 200 military commanders. At the same time, local law enforcement is becoming more and more dangerous. See the New York Daily News article, “NYPD cops beat up my loved ones, killed my parakeet: Staten Island mom” as just one example.

It’s fairly obvious that someone is trying to eliminate the “oath-keepers” from our military and, it appears, from local law enforcement. Is news of lobotomies and vaccines a threat to those who are loyal to the constitution rather than the powers-that-be?

Also notice the reports of countries that are stifling news: Russia, Vladimir Putin Disbands Ria Novosti, Tightens His Grip on Russian Media and Japan, Japan: State security does not justify restricting information. From that article:

To the group of developed democracies, such as Britain and the United States, each with increasingly restrictive attitudes toward press freedom, add Japan, which appears to be on the brink of passing a new state secrets protection law. If passed by the upper house of the Diet today, it would broaden the criteria the government uses to determine which information will be secret. Jake Adelstein, a Tokyo-based reporter who has blogged several times for CPJ, calls it “an ominous new bill” which would “give the government expanded powers to classify nearly anything as a secret and intimidate the press into silence.”

The US is creating a military that is loyal to the elite rather than country and Constitution, local law enforcement that is hostile to the public it is supposed to protect and serve, and a media that vomits propaganda. And we see similar things happening in other nations. The new world order is here. It’s just a question of how quickly it will expose itself and tighten its grip.

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