Why do we trust China with our food?

Apparently, our government has decided that China is a great place to process our dead chickens for our dinner tables.

“We’ve deemed China’s poultry processing equivalent to the process in the United States,” says Arianne Perkins, USDA public affairs specialist.

That sounds like a load of chicken dung. Not only does the idea seem nonsensical – shipping our slaughtered chickens thousands of miles to be processed and sent thousands of miles back to us – but it’s China! They’ve already killed our pets with their tainted products. They’ve been caught faking types of meat. Their flip flops have caused a terrible rash. The toys they make for our children contain dangerous amounts of lead. (It’s interesting that most of these problems were reported in 2007. What’s up with that?) How could anyone trust China to process food we will be serving to our children? Will the president and those in-the-know at the USDA be eating this stuff? The elite know where their food comes from. The rest of us eat processed meats that don’t contain much meat and may come from countries that cannot be trusted to deliver safe products.

From a Yahoo! article on this stupid decision:

In the official memo, the FSIS [Food Safety and Inspection Service] says that “all outstanding issues have been resolved”-a pretty big promise considering that in the past year alone China has made news for passing off rat meat as mutton, selling sausages filled with maggots, inexplicably finding thousands of dead pigs floating in the waters of Shanghai, and even having an outbreak of the H7N9 bird flu in live poultry.

Yummy. Ms. Perkins, the USDA public affairs specialist, assures us that they will increase testing on the chicken before it re-enters the US. However, from the Yahoo! article:

A report just this month from the United States Government Accountability Office found that the USDA’s domestic poultry inspections have a lot of problems anyhow, as they are in the process of replacing certified-USDA inspectors with those provided by the poultry companies themselves.

The fox guarding the hen house? Is any of the food offered in stores safe? GMOs, tainted produce, meat of unknown origin, and now some of it’s to be processed in China? Who knows what will happen to it there? The article states that the USDA “will not be doing any on-site monitoring or testing in China.”

The Chinese don’t even trust their own food system. Apparently, for that reason, they prefer imported meats and therefore a Chinese company that is backed by Goldman Sachs purchased US company Smithfield Foods in September. Smithfield is the world’s largest pork producer and processor. The New York Times has an excellent article, which concludes that the deal leaves the US with all the environmental mess of producing pigs, while China gets the pork products its citizens crave.

The Yahoo! article concludes with this info:

In addition to the concerns that this decision could open the door for even more unsafe practices, no country-of-origin labels are required under the new rules, so consumers won’t know where their bird is coming from. Plus industry insiders warn that the move is politically motivated by a desire to get China to re-allow lucrative U.S. beef imports and will likely lead to allowing imports of Chinese chickens, a practice that’s been banned since bird flu and other food safety concerns first surfaced.

If you don’t pray over your food, you’d better start. And may God turn the hearts of the evil elite who are poisoning us through our food and water.

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