What’s killing people in Texas?

The following video suggests it’s a virus that went missing from a Texas lab in February (HT: pakalertpress):

Although no one with the “mystery illness” has tested positive for the flu, mainstream media is now stating that it’s the dreaded H1N1, or the swine flu, and telling everyone to get vaccinated.

According to WND, the Texas Public Health Association is suggesting that everyone over 6 months of age should immediately get a flu shot, as it takes two weeks “to become fully effective.” However, according to the Montgomery County Health Department, the eight symptomatic people they’ve seen were between the ages of 41 – 68.

Also disturbing are some comments on the WND report. One person states:

Get your shot – you have no right to spread this disease to me…Your delusion about the safety of vaccinations gives you no right to spread H1N1 to me.

And another:

One of the key points in the alert is “anyone older than six months” – babies can’t have the shots directly, but depend on everyone *else* getting one.

Can you imagine a time when people who refuse vaccinations get the blame for others getting sick?

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Why don’t they know what it is? If they don’t know, why are they saying it’s H1N1? And why are they so interested in everyone getting a flu shot – especially if the suggestion may cause hysteria and outrage at those who don’t want to take vaccines? And who would want to? – particularly after discovering that the pro-eugenics Bill Gates believes they’re a good way to reduce overpopulation. Most likely, it’s all just another one of “their” experiments. May God help us.

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