Update on Texas mystery illness

Alternative media maven Alex Jones lost a cousin to the mystery illness and the cousin’s father has been in the hospital on a ventilator. For some reason, no autopsy was performed on the cousin. However, they’ve just discovered that the uncle is suffering from a Staph infection. In other words, it’s not the flu. Just as Texas media initially reported.

So, why the media push for the flu vaccine? The reporting on this is all over the place. National media outlets talk about the flu, Texas media talk about the mystery illness, and no one is talking about bacteria.

A Texas ABC affiliate that reported on the mystery illness is now suggesting it’s the swine flu:

Of eight cases in [Montgomery] county, four patients have died.

Wednesday afternoon, Montgomery County health officials said one surviving patient tested positive for H1N1. Two other surviving patients tested negative for H1N1 and results are still pending for the fourth.

“So what we’re doing now is we’re retesting those patients who tested negative from the private lab,” Montgomery County Medical Director Dr. Mark Escott said. “And those samples will be sent to the state and the CDC for confirmation testing.”

The illnesses started with flu-like symptoms, then progressed to pneumonia and, in some cases, organ failure. They all initially tested negative for the flu.

The report includes this interesting bit of information:

Adult influenza deaths do not need to be reported to the county health department, so precise numbers of North Texas deaths from influenza are unknown. Pediatric deaths, by law, must be reported.

Anyway, Jones’ account of what’s happening in his family adds a twist to the mainstream reporting. Why don’t they have any answers? Do government agencies not know what it is? Or is it the case that the truth would be of no benefit to them? Is that why the bacterial infection hasn’t been reported? Perhaps there’s not as much profit in curing bacterial infections as there is in selling flu vaccines.

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