Video: Cop pushes police dog into man’s car

In the video, you’ll see that the cop rams the man’s car, the man stays in his car with his hands up, the cop pushes the police dog through the car window, and the dog attacks the man, injuring his face and shoulder. Notice how the cops faces are blurry in the video.

This happened in South Carolina, where a grand jury cleared the officer of criminal charges. Remember that a recently reported jailhouse “suicide” was declared impossible by a coroner? And how about the 23-year-old honor student who was shot and killed by a campus police officer who followed him from an off-campus location to an off-campus apartment complex?

Normal human beings do not kill and torture others for no good reason. Even in Nazi Germany the workers tasked with carrying out the government’s atrocities suffered psychologically. What has our government created? There is something seriously wrong with the cops who are doing these things, and with those watching it take place and doing nothing. The fact that they are being supported by local, state, and national government should be a giant wake-up call for us. Are they actively looking for soulless people for military and local law enforcement? It seems that way. Of everything that the evil thugs of this world are doing to us, this is the most disturbing. What do common people do when the law enforcers are lawless? I’d suggest meditating on Psalm 91 and doing what it says. Hide yourself in the shelter of the Most High and be ready to meet Him when all hell breaks loose.

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