2014: new laws, taxes, and gun registration/confiscation

Happy New Year! My wish for you is the same as the Almighty’s – a life of freedom and abundance (Galatians 5:1; John 10:10). Unfortunately, our government wishes the opposite.

Here are a few of the nearly 40,000 new laws taking effect today. They’re not all bad. For example:

Arkansas voters now must show a photo ID at polling places.

And the following at least has the appearance of being good for freedom. However, it has enough loopholes to be of no real use:

In Illinois, police will have to obtain a search warrant to to use a drone for surveillance, except in cases of terrorism or if a suspect is fleeing a crime scene. Even with the warrant, police must destroy information gathered within 30 days unless it’s linked to a crime.

Isn’t that funny – “except” “unless” – it’s basically worthless.

Here are a few that seem like good ideas; however, it’s just too much. The government needs to stop dictating our lives:

Delaware is formally outlawing the possession and sale of shark fins.

Oregon will now prohibit adults from smoking in a car if children are present.

In Illinois and Oregon, minors will no longer be allowed to enter tanning salons. [They can’t even go into the building?]

In Illinois, anyone who flicks a cigarette butt on a street or sidewalk could be fined at least $50 for littering.

Colorado will begin collecting an annual $50 fee for plug-in electric cars.

This one is disturbing:

Rhode Island becomes the eighth state to enact a “ban the box” law that prohibits prospective employers from inquiring into an applicant’s criminal history on written job applications.

You can’t ask if a potential employee has a criminal history? Perhaps the government thinks it’s its job to inform you, or not.

Here are a couple new laws that are downright stupid:

In Colorado, 16-year-olds will be able to pre-register to vote, but must still wait until they’re 18 to do so.

Register two years before you can vote? What’s their reasoning behind that, i.e., what are they up to?

California students must be allowed to play school sports and use school bathrooms “consistent with their gender identity,” regardless of their birth identity.

How many of California’s young men will suddenly “discover” they’re gay in order to get into the girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms? And who wants their little girl subjected to this? Why is anyone still living in California? On second thought, let the people who like such laws stay there and leave the rest of us alone.

There’s also this enlightening blurb from law360:

Law360, New York (January 01, 2014, 10:08 AM ET) — The ticking clock on the Obama presidency makes 2014 a pivotal regulatory year for the administration, and attorneys will be paying close attention to a series of ambitious rules in the coming months covering Clean Water Act jurisdiction, greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste, among other areas.

Forget that the president’s second term is less than 25 percent complete. As a lame duck, President Obama is expected to take swift action that could change the regulatory landscape this year.

All those regulations end up costing us money. In a Dec 2012 article, Phyllis Schlafly states:

The greedy globalist U.N. bureaucrats have been conniving for about 20 years to bypass Congress and tax individual Americans, and now they think they have devised a formula to do this.

Their vehicle for this travesty is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The U.N. convention delegates dream they can transform the economic structure of the world by a new global treaty using global warming fears (even though the globe has not warmed for the past 16 years).

UNFCCC’s executive secretary Christiana Figueres will call a “significant number of meetings and workshops” next year to prepare the new document. The plan is for U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in 2014 to “convene leaders to mobilize the political will to ensure that the 2015 deadline is met” to start this global tax.

Global tax? And there’s 2015 again. 2014 will be a pivotal year for nwo types, as they try to meet their 2015 goals. The Schlafly article has some good info on Agenda 21. Also interesting is the U.S. contribution to the UN scheme, Submission by the United States on ADP workstream 1.

As for 2014 new taxes that we know about, from the NY Post:

The cost of President Obama’s massive health-care law will hit Americans in 2014 as new taxes pile up on their insurance premiums and on their income-tax bills…

The new taxes and fees include a 2 percent levy on every health plan, which is expected to net about $8 billion for the government in 2014 and increase to $14.3 billion in 2018.

There’s also a $2 fee per policy that goes into a new medical-research trust fund called the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Insurers pay a 3.5 percent user fee to sell medical plans on the HealthCare.gov Web site…

Americans also will pay hidden taxes, such as the 2.3 percent medical-device tax that will inflate the cost of items such as pacemakers, stents and prosthetic limbs.

Those with high out-of-pocket medical expenses also will get smaller income-tax deductions…

Then there’s the new Medicare tax [for those making over $200,000 a year].

Don’t forget the fines for not signing up for the “medical” monstrosity. This year it’s $95 for uninsured adults and $47.50 per child. However, the fines will increase yearly until 2016 when they will be $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, up to a family maximum of whichever is higher – $2,085 or 2.5 percent of family income. 2016 is only two years away.

In addition, from USA Today: “Expiring provisions could add new taxes in 2014.”

We’re paying more for everything – fuel, groceries, you name it. But don’t expect help from the government, as they’ll keep printing money and taking more of it from us.

Will they also take our guns? Here is what happened in Connecticut:

CT registering guns

The headline: Connecticut Gun Owners Rush to Register Guns, Ammo. As reported on Infowars.com, gun registration leads to confiscation, as recently happened in New York. What’s worse is that confiscation, more often than not, leads to genocide. Check out the chart on the JPFO website. A quote on the page states:

In the 20th Century, nuclear weapons were used by government to kill a few hundred thousand people, whereas “gun control” was used by governments to pave the way for killing over 100,000,000 people.

The nwo, which will one day be handed over to the Antichrist, is nearing a deadline and they’re scrambling to meet it. However, they’ve been trying to implement their plans for decades and have yet to succeed. Someday they will, as the Bible predicts; however, I believe our prayers and resistance have given us more time.

Although these are perilous times, we must remember that those who are children of God’s Kingdom have been promised peace and joy, even when the rest of the world is in chaos.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid (John 14:27).

These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full (John 15:11).

May God bless you, and may your life be lived in freedom and abundance and be filled with peace and joy and may you be ready and willing to share these with others.

2 thoughts on “2014: new laws, taxes, and gun registration/confiscation”

  1. I checked just a few of the claims. Two gross distortions of the truth led me to dismiss the whole article as propaganda, not journalism.

    1. ban-the-box laws:

    “The law gets its name from the question on job applications that asks applicants to check a box to indicate whether they have ever been convicted of a felony or a gross misdemeanor.

    For jobs that don’t include an interview, employers cannot ask about criminal issues until there is a conditional offer of employment.”

    In other words, you can ask about criminal record but not until there is an interview (or if none, a conditional offer of employment is made). This is meant to allow those with records to at least have a chance to find legal employment. No one is prohibited from asking, just not on the written application. You have to have met the job seeker in order to ask him, which gives him a better chance at getting a job despite his criminal record.

    This article pandered to the gullible by pretending this just flat out made asking about a criminal record illegal. That is a lie.

    2. The other lie is about the high cost of penalties for not purchasing healthcare insurance. For a family of 4, this would be about $2K a yr in 2016. But a typical family of 4, making an average household income of 50K, can purchase a plan on the exchange for about $1800 a yr, based on the fact that they will get a hefty government subsidy (41% average). That is $450 a year for each member of the family, or 3.6% of their income (US spends 18% of GDP for healthcare, twice as much as any other nation). Therefore, you would be foolish to pay the penalty when you can purchase a Bronze plan for less. That is the purpose of the penalty, to incentive participation.

    2.Also ignored is the fact that if the cheapest available plan is over 8% of your income, you are exempted from the mandate and the penalty. The lower your income, the more govt subsidy, so those whose cheapest policies (after subsidies) would exceed 8% would tend to be those who are too wealthy to qualify for subsidies. For instance, if you Make $96,000 for a family of 4, you be just over the subsidy line and you would have to either pay the penalty (about $2400, or 3% of you income) or purchase a plan. If the cheapest plan were under $600 a month, you could choose to buy it or pay the penalty. If it were $750 a month (over 8%), you could refuse to buy a policy and pay no penalty.

    I suspect that most of the “bad laws” have been taken out of context and presented in a deceptive manner, based on running into the above two immediately. Oh oh, reactionary propaganda parading as journalism. Watch out!

    There are bad laws but also bad lack of laws. For instance, in about 38 states, a person can be fired by his employer for exercising his Constitutional rights, such as free speech and assembly, which is a way that private corporations can suppress freedom that even the government cannot.

    A boss in these states can fire you for attending a meeting of the poltiical party, or an environmental meeting, or even a gathering of target shooters, without giving cause.

    We need to oppose both public AND private forms of tyranny. This private tyranny could be simply eliminated with one short law, such as the government is bound to obey, prohibiting any dismissals based on legal activity outside of the work environment.

    We should get rid of bad laws, but not with lies as in this article, but we should insist on our right to effective laws to ban suppression of our basic rights, whether by government or the private sector.

    This is just fake patriot propaganda, dragging our understanding of how good laws are the foundation of our freedom, down to the gutter with deceptive reporting.


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