Were victim photos uploaded to AP before Sandy Hook event?

Swansong at Insane media has been researching Sandy Hook photos housed by the AP and SIPA, which is a French photo agency that distributes news pictures to agencies like the AP.

He’s noticed that many of the upload dates of the victims’ photos precede the date of the Sandy Hook event. His evidence is quite convincing. It adds to the evidence discovered by others; for example, the pre-event creation date of a fundraising website. There are a number of examples of such pre-12/14/12 activity; however, many truth-seekers backed away from this evidence as others revealed how such dates could be manipulated and how the dates are sometimes wrong.

However, swansong’s addition to the number of pre-event activity evidence makes it more difficult to ignore. Here is an example of one of the AP image pages he found:

swansong AP image page

Truth seekers have speculated that Sandy Hook was in the planning since at least 2009, when 35 homes were “gifted” to new owners on December 25th of that year.

Here are a few other examples of pre-event activity:

United Way Sends Condolences to Sandy Hook Victims 3 Days Before the Shooting

RIP Victoria Soto Facebook Page Being Removed From Internet – YouTube  The page seems to have been created four days before the shooting.

There’s also this advice page for Ohio parents on how to speak to their children about the Sandy Hook shooting – published online the day before the event. Screen capture from Energy Fanatics:

Arlington OH Dec 13_bef shooting

As stated above, with swansong’s discovery that the victims’ photos were uploaded before the date of the event, the pre-event activity evidence is becoming hard to ignore.

Please read swansong’s report at Insane Media. It’s quite detailed and includes the AP and SIPA photos with captions and dates and is well worth taking the time to read, as are the comments made by his astute readers.

2 thoughts on “Were victim photos uploaded to AP before Sandy Hook event?”

    1. I’m just pointing out the many oddities of these events. As for the NRA, according to a January 10, 2013 Politico report, they “gained more than 100,000 new members in the past 18 days” – that’s the eighteen days following the Sandy Hook incident.

      I’m curious as to how you’re so certain that Sandy Hook was a real event. After all, in a previous comment you mentioned the “valid” conspiracy theories of the JFK, RFK & MLK assassinations and 9/11. What’s so different about the more recent events?


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