Georgia children stranded overnight on school buses

According to an AP report:

After a rare snowstorm stopped Atlanta-area commuters in their tracks, forcing many to hunker down in their cars overnight or seek other shelter, the National Guard is sending military Humvees onto the city’s snarled freeway system in an attempt to move stranded school buses and get food and water to students on them, Gov. Nathan Deal said early Wednesday.

Deal said the Georgia State Patrol is also sending troopers to schools where children remain stranded after spending the night in classrooms. His statement says state transportation crews are continuing to treat roads and bring gas to stranded motorists.

Deal plans a briefing at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Capitol to discuss the state’s “ongoing disaster response.”

…It wasn’t known how many students were still aboard school buses stuck on roadways in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Was there really no other way to get these children home than by school bus? Could they not walk? Why is it that no parents could reach them? Are there no back roads leading to these schools and the highways where the buses were stranded? Do no parents have off-road vehicles? What about all the military equipment being purchased by local police departments? Do those vehicles not operate in snow? And what parent would leave their child stranded, in freezing temperatures, overnight, without food and water, on a school bus? In years past, parents would have done anything they could to get to those kids. They would have at least demanded that authorities get them home. Have parents changed so much? On the contrary, parents seem extremely protective and demanding these days. So, what are we to make of this report?

Is it possible that “they” are preparing us for a time when they will separate us from our children during a disaster or national emergency?

They also may be preparing us for the day when they will raise our children. (See Hillary’s “it takes a village” and MSNBC talking head’s “your children don’t belong to you“.) If we see that others are okay with the government taking care of their children overnight, will we feel it’s okay for our children to be cared for all day? How about during the five days of the school week? Does this seem far-fetched? I hope and pray tyranny never go so far. However, the elite are not to be trusted. Read their documents and discover what they have in mind. Their plans are not for society as we’ve known it.


Why is it, with all their technologically advanced equipment, that weather forecasters are getting worse at forecasting weather?

For instance, a local station recently reported that our area had a 0% chance of precipitation, even though the radar showed a line of showers heading straight for us. While getting a second opinion from the Weather Channel, their report suddenly began warning of thundershowers. Nevertheless, we ventured out and suffered merely a brief sprinkle.

In addition, before the Atlanta snowstorm:

“They said we might get a dusting, and we probably have three inches of snow here.”

…School chiefs around metro Atlanta conferred hours before the start of school Tuesday, but forecasters were still uncertain then about how far north the snow would fall, said Michael Thurmond, the DeKalb County School District superintendent.

“The weather forecast was very iffy,” he said.

…the snow hit harder and sooner than expected.

The forecast wasn’t reliable enough Monday night or Tuesday morning to justify canceling school at that time.*

Why didn’t the forecasters know?

*quotes from ajc

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