NFL security – looking for your lunch?

Locals around here know that the primary purpose for the bag check at the local amusement park is to look for food. I recently saw the confiscation of half a small pizza from a group of foreign travelers. Not sure whether it was a language barrier or the request, but it wasn’t a happy scene. The local sports stadium is even worse. You can’t even take bottled water inside there. Of course, the cost for a bottle of water sold in the stadium is outrageous (and so are the ticket prices. What happened to going to the ball game for $8? It wasn’t that long ago.)

Check out these food prices at last night’s Super Bowl:

superbowl concessions pricessuperbowl concessions prices 2

They must figure if you’ll pay $1600 for a ticket, you’ll pay these prices for food. Al I can say is I hope the food was good and the servings big.

As for security at the game, according to ABC news:

All fans boarding trains to the stadium from Secaucus Junction Station…must pass through a security checkpoint manned by TSA agents, officials said Friday.

Fans will only be allowed to carry a small clutch bag or purse that’s no bigger than 6.5 by 4.5 inches and a clear plastic bag that’s about as big as a freezer storage bag, per the NFL’s bag policy. TSA will not have a place to store larger bags, and a person will not be allowed to clear security and get on the train with one.

The checkpoints started Friday and will be random until Sunday, when they turn mandatory for all people taking the train to MetLife Stadium. Friday agents were swabbing women’s’ bags to check for explosives.

Fans will also have to go through metal detectors and regular security at the stadium as well…

New Jersey Transit Police Chief Christopher Trucillo said riders would be able to bring water bottles on the train and there would be no pat-downs of passengers.

“Swabbing women’s bags to check for explosives”? I’m outraged, but this family isn’t. From the same report:

Robert and Catherine Caballero and their two daughters were chosen for a security check Friday while switching trains between their home in Middletown, N.J., and New York City.

Catherine Caballero said her purse was swabbed, and her 16-year-old daughter Rachel’s purse was also searched.

“It feels secure,” Robert Caballero said of the train station. “It’s a great idea. In this day, unfortunately, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

See how they condition us for the invasion of our privacy? It’s for our own good and therefore we should believe it’s a great idea. This is making us less than human. We’re becoming Pavlov’s dogs. Submit to their abuse and you’ll be rewarded by being allowed to go to the game. Refuse to submit and you’ve wasted $1600, or more, on a ticket because they won’t let you in and they will most likely further harass you, perhaps even hauling you off to jail.

And there was still more security. According to CNN:

There will be more than 700 troopers in and around the stadium complex, he said. But they won’t be the only people guarding the game.

“There’s eyes all over the place, whether it’s state, local, federal or county assets there,” he told CNN’s Alexandra Field.

That also includes 3,000 private security guards on site. And extra security for mass transit options because there will only be 12,000 parking spots at the game for 80,000 fans and 5,000 media members.

The proximity of the stadium to waterways and railways will mean extra Coast Guard boats on game day and more planes from federal agencies in the sky equipped with infrared and night-vision systems.

Homeland Security officials said federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will deploy hundreds of employees to assist New Jersey and New York police secure what’s been officially designated “an event of national significance.”

Is the money for all this security coming from taxpayers? Don’t forget the recently reported fact that the NFL is considered a non-profit organization and therefore doesn’t pay taxes. They make $9.5 billion a year. With that kind of money, maybe they could buy lunch for fans at next year’s Super Bowl. Better yet, how about taking all the taxpayers to lunch too?

Super Bowl security. Does this make you feel safe?

2014 Super Bowl security 2014 Super Bowl sniper

Menu board photos from Daily Mail, security photos from ABC.

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