Mainstream media reports abuses of border agents but not of local law enforcement

This afternoon, Fox News has reported at least twice on an allegation of use of excessive force by border patrol agents. From the Fox News website:

“We have a police agency that is totally out of control,” claimed Isabel Garcia, of the Coalición de Derechos Humanos in Tucson. “There is no accountability and no transparency. I don’t believe they are justified to use deadly weapons because someone is throwing a rock.”

Her comments follow a Department of Homeland Security inspector general report that found agent-involved shootings left 22 dead from 2010-2013, more than double the number for the previous three years. Eight of the deaths followed rock-throwing incidents…

The report followed a letter written to Customs and Border Protection by 16 congressmen about what they considered excessive use of lethal force against illegal immigrants.

My question is, where are the activists and congressmen requesting reports on the abuses of local police forces? Why is there no mainstream media coverage of the problem? Whereas several of the border patrol shootings took place after the officers were pelted with rocks, local police officers are killing American citizens, and their pets, for no reason at all.

Here are just a few recent examples of such murders. Do your own Google search and you’ll also wonder how this problem can be ignored:

Family of unarmed North Carolina man killed by police files wrongful-death suit

Video: Police Shoot Family’s Service Dog Outside 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Cold-Blooded Arizona Cops Assassinate Suspect with His Hands in the Air

Fullerton Homeless Man’s Beating Revealed At Pre-Trial Hearing

The Fullerton man was Kelly Thomas. Here is Mr. Thomas before and after the incident:

Kelly Thomas beforeKelly Thomas after

Here’s the crime scene:

Kelly Thomas crime scene

It’s all on video. The police beat Mr. Thomas while he cried out, “Daddy help, they’re killing me!” And that’s just what they did. And the officers got away with it.

Why is there no outrage over these murders? Where are the activists and the Congressmen? Where is Fox News? Why aren’t good police officers speaking up? To those officers: Remember that you will one day stand before the judgment seat of the Creator. How will you answer Him when He asks why you stood passively by as the innocent were murdered?

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