Is all of America being ritually abused?

In the book, Painted Black, is this description of ritual abuse:

(1) use of cameras, (2) sadistic types of games and rituals, (3) sexual contact between children and adults, and (4) intimidation and threats or the spectacles of death.

Are Americans experiencing these things? Let’s consider:

1) Americans are living in a surveillance society. In public places, cameras are everywhere (Google “public cameras” and you can watch people coming and going all over the world) and someone may even be watching you in your home. The FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras. So can hackers. And there’s this from The Washington Times, last June:

New technology would allow cable companies to peer directly into television watchers’ homes and monitor viewing habits and reactions to product advertisements…

The technology includes cameras and microphones that are installed on DVRs or cable boxes and analyzes viewers’ responses, behaviors and statements to various ads…

2) “Sadistic” means “delighting in or feeling pleasure from the pain of others.” Are individuals at the higher levels of American society feeling pleasure from the pain they inflict, or allow to be inflicted, upon the rest of us?

The government is allowing the activities of sadistic police officers, such as the two who murdered Kelly Thomas and those who kill pets for no good reason.

They do nothing to the perpetrators of knock-out games crimes or the mobs that terrorize innocent citizens.

A Florida city has made it illegal for homeless people to cover themselves with blankets.

The American government continually terrorizes Americans with threats of potential terrorist attacks, deadly viruses, mass shootings, economic failure, loss of healthcare, jobs, and/or income, and so on.

3) There are many accusations of child molestation at the highest levels of American society. Woody Allen and the Franklin cover-up immediately come to mind. We’re told that people of renown would never do such things; however, that’s what they said about the BBC scandal, starring Jimmy Saville.

Then, from 2007, the ABC headline: Sex Ed for Kindergarteners ‘Right Thing to Do,’ Says Obama. Sex education became part of Chicago’s school curriculum in 2013.

And there’s the TSA:

TSA with children 1TSA with children 2TSA with children 3TSA with children 4

4) The American government intimidates and threatens Americans through mysterious and suspicious deaths, through the IRS, TSA, FEMA, SWAT teams, bullet purchases, and military vehicles on American streets.

They’ve provided the spectacles of the Branch Davidian raid, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston bombing, to name a few of their more recent and grand events.

Painted Black further states that ritual abuse is often connected to satanism.

There is an elite group of people that run the world, under their overlord, the fallen cherub, the creature cast out of Heaven because he thought he could overthrow the Creator. These people get power through satanic rituals, as do the Illuminati wannabes that are blatantly enacting satanic rituals in their music videos and live performances. The continuous performance of these rituals is likely the reason why demons are beginning to so openly manifest in the First World.

Christians need to be praying, because those on the side of the fallen one are serious about what they’re doing. They’re praying against the followers of God and summoning the powers of darkness against the world because God loves it so. The fallen one wants to rule the world and he’s the most evil of tyrants. Jesus came to redeem the world, in order to save it from the death and destruction brought about by the fallen cherub. It is up to those who follow Jesus, which are His body (the Body of Christ) on earth, to enforce His victory over the evil one. This is done through prayer to the Father and through rebuking evil in Jesus’ name. However, you must be in right relationship with God, hidden in the secret place, before taking on the powers of darkness or you may end up like the sons of Sceva. Jesus must be lord of your life and you must have no unconfessed sin.

However, if your relationship is right with God, be fearless because those on the side of God are on the side of real power. There is no true contest between the Creator and a creature, particularly a fallen one. However, the fallen one is able to accomplish his goals on earth as much as humans give him the authority to do so. Those who know God must use their authority in the Spirit of God to say ‘no’ to the evil at work in the world. Don’t participate in it and warn others, because most Americans will reject evil if they recognize it. Pray for their protection and that their eyes may be opened. Pray particularly for the children, for their spiritual and physical protection against the evil that is targeting them. You can learn about spiritual warfare from Russ Dizdar, whose websites provide hundreds of hours of teaching at no cost.

This is war, but not against other humans. Rather:

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places [Ephesians 6:12].

Verses 10 & 11 state:

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

You can read about more about the armor in Ephesians 6. It’s time to enter the spiritual battle because ignoring it is not going to help anyone, particularly yourself. There is a life after this one and a Creator who will judge your works and hand out rewards based upon them. Live now fearlessly, in faith, so that you will one day hear:

Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord [Matt 25:21].

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