Is this Marine training actually a satanic ritual?

From Pakalert Press:

Some 13,000 members of militaries from all across the world attend and do everything from eat random bugs, to drinking cobra blood, to biting the head off of a chicken in order to toughen up and learn how to survive in the wild.

I haven’t been able to find drinking snake blood as part of any survival tactics published online. On the other hand, some satanists ritualistically drink blood. And the snake is a symbol of satan. And I’m not so sure that biting the head off a chicken isn’t part of the repertoire of some self-styled devil worshipers. Also, chickens are sacrificed in voodoo rituals. There’s a blurb about it in the article “Chickens and Religion“. Here are a couple of photos from the bizarre training. You can see more of them at Pakalert.

Marine bites head off chickenMarine drinks snake blood

With all the satanic rituals being performed in the open, the U.S. military’s assault on enlisted Christians, the U.S. government’s assault on its Christian citizens, and the fact that the global elite are Luciferians who want to take over the world, I’m thinking the odds are in favor of this being some sort of ritual, rather than survival training. That is, unless the training is meant to create demonically enhanced super-soldiers.

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