Wonder how things are kept secret? Father may be charged for speaking about his daughter’s kidnapping

According to police state usa, when Lou and Linda Pelletier took their daughter to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment of the flu, they re-diagnosed 14-year-old Justina Pelletier’s existing condition of a mitochondrial disorder to that of a psychiatric disorder. When the Pelletiers objected and requested her discharge:

Security guards instead removed Lou and Linda from their daughter’s side, and within days they were stripped of custody of Justina.

The Pelletier family suffered for months with limited contact with Justina and frustrating legal battles.  To make matters worse, they were threatened by a judge with a “gag order” to not disclose details of the case. Justina particularly suffered as she remained trapped and alone; detained indefinitely with no indication of being released.  Her conditioned worsened as she was no longer being treated for her mitochondrial disorder and was instead being heavily medicated and subjected to “behavioral modification” techniques, which were so disturbing to her father that he called them “torture.”

After receiving no help through legal channels, Mr. Pelletier decided to go public, despite the judge’s gag-order. He did an interview with the Blaze, which police state usa summarizes. Their report states:

Whether Judge Joseph Johnston follows through with his threats to punish the Pelletier family for speaking about their own situation remains to be seen.   The charges against Lou Pelletier will be weighed in court, and if sustained, he could face additional fines or even jail time.

American citizens are being continuously harassed, intimidated, and terrorized. This girl and family are being tortured by the U.S. government. How many similar things are happening that the rest of us never hear about? How many are keeping their mouths shut about similar abuse because they’ve been threatened? This man is threatened with jail time. What about threats of losing other children? Or having a sudden heart attack, like Andrew Breitbart, or falling from a roof as is suddenly in vogue with a few too many bankers? The apostle Paul called satan the god of this world and the world is being run by his evil minions. No non-satanically-inspired human would treat other humans this way. All I can say is, Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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