Do recently discovered camel bones really discredit the Bible?

In my last post, I mentioned that we don’t always get the whole story in news reports. A good example is that of recent headlines asserting that the discovery of camel bones on the border of Israel and the Arabian Peninsula prove the inaccuracy of the Bible.

According to CNN‘s version of this argument against the Scriptures, the patriarch Abraham lived sometime between 2000 and 1500 BC. The Bible says he owned camels. However, the oldest camel bones ever discovered were radiocarbon dated to “no earlier than 940 BC — at least 500 years later than when they are described in the bible.”

That’s it. But how many will fall for it? The headlines come either from ignorance or dishonesty. The fact that no camel bones have been found from the time of Abraham is no evidence that they do not exist. In other words, they may exist but have not yet been found. No good science would rule out that possibility. And we know that the same folks who would love to discredit the Bible love science.

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