Prescription drug rationing targets the most vulnerable

The bureaucrats are in charge of our healthcare. Who thought that would be a good idea? Along with all the other bad news associated with obamacare, we now discover that medicare and medicaid will no longer pay for certain drugs. It’s the elderly and disabled that benefit from medicare and the poor from medicaid. According to the New York Times:

The administration’s proposal would remove the protected status from three classes of drugs…immunosuppressant drugs used in transplant patients, antidepressants and antipsychotic medicines. They include many well-known drugs, such as Wellbutrin, Paxil and Prozac to treat depression, and Abilify and Seroquel to treat schizophrenia.

The mentally ill will be without their medication. What good is that to those who need it, their families, and society at large? And what good is denying medication to those who’ve had transplants? Are we going to let them die after they’ve gotten their lives back? Finding the right drugs for individuals is often a difficult process. It’s not one-size-fits-all and therefore it’s not always possible to replace one drug with another. There is really something wrong with the people running our government.

From the article:

The new federal health care law requires that Medicare drug plans include all drugs in certain categories and classes “of clinical concern,” and it authorized the secretary of health and human services to identify those categories…

The administration proposal sets a high standard for designating protected classes, saying the drugs must be needed to prevent “hospitalization, persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or death” that would otherwise occur within a week.

One person will decide which categories to cover and, as you can read in the article, the decision is based on cost, rather than philanthropy. Heaven forbid they’d spend U.S. tax dollars (and all the new bills they keep printing) on American’s neediest citizens.

And they only want to cover drugs needed to prevent “hospitalization, persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or death” that would otherwise occur within a week? What in the world does that mean? It sounds like a bad joke. Rather, it sounds like terrorism. The government is threatening the lives of the people who depend on these drugs. The entire country needs a restraining order against these psychopathic bureaucrats before they systematically start eliminating us. (Or, are they doing so already?)

All bureaucracies are heartless and cruel and big governments are good for nothing but tyranny. What a shame that so many Americans have believed the lie that the government wants to help them.

We should begin grassroots efforts to help ourselves. For example, we could pool our money and purchase medications for our needy neighbors. It’s what we should have been doing all along.

2 thoughts on “Prescription drug rationing targets the most vulnerable”

  1. “Medicare Part D, he noted, is the rare government program that not only gets high marks from consumers but also has cost taxpayers billions of dollars less than originally expected. “Why is the administration trying to make such extensive changes to a program that isn’t broken?” NYTimes

    Of course, Part D is the plan that prohibits Medicare (unlike Medicaid or the VA) from negotiating volume prices, in total violation of both free market principles and the public trust. This prohibition costs about 4 billion a year, and it is designed to help bankrupt Medicare so it can be handed over to Wall St.

    The comment that part D has cost billions less than expected ignores the context that if Medicare had the same negotiation power as Medicaid or any group, it would save 4 billion a year, money that could be used to bolster the financial health of Medicare.

    Part D is giveaway to rich drug companies. It illustrates how even fiscal conservatives have no regard for free market principles or the health of Medicare.

    Why isn’t Part D repealed so that Medicare, like the VA and all other groups, is permitted to negotiate volume discounts? That is the scandal no one is talking about.;

    If you want to save money for Medicare, that is the place to start. It was passed when the Republicans, representing Big Pharma, controlled all branches of government.
    It’s time to repeal it and get back to free market principles and the duty to make Medicare financially sound.


    1. It’s morally reprehensible for anyone in government to suggest balancing any budget by cutting care for those who are mentally or physically ill, particularly when they continue to carelessly waste money on useless things. See The American Dream’s recent article, “30 Stupid Things The Government Is Spending Money On” for some examples.

      There was a time when people paid their physicians out of their own pockets, i.e., without the help of insurance companies or government. Costs rise according to the depth of the pockets and once big business and big government got involved, the poor and most of the middle class can no longer afford to pay for their own healthcare. The same has happened to college tuition.

      As for politicians aiding big pharma, has an interesting article on how both sides of the aisle are being nearly equally funded by the major drug companies.

      The country is run by greedy bastards who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Why don’t they take some of the millions they’ve earned as politicians and purchase life-saving, or life-enhancing, drugs for the needy? That’s as unimaginable as expecting…Bigfoot to run through Manhattan. Odds are it ain’t gonna happen.


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