Are people becoming victims of hospitals’ kidnap and ransom schemes?

There is an update on the story of Justina Pelletier, the 14-year-old taken to the hospital for flu symptoms and then kidnapped (no other way to describe it) by the hospital.

Justina had been diagnosed and treated at Tufts Medical Center for a mitochondrial disorder; however, after being admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital for what appeared to be the flu, the physicians there decided that Justina was suffering from a psychosomatic disorder and wanted her admitted to their psychiatric unit. The parents said ‘no’ and that’s when the trouble began. According to an ABC report:

They laid out a treatment plan for Justina, which her parents refused to sign, and on Feb. 14, 2013, when they attempted to check their daughter out of Boston Children’s to take her back to Tufts to resume medical treatment, the family said they were told by Boston Children’s that they could not discharge Justina….

“While all the security guards were showing up, we actually called 911 and said our daughter had been kidnapped by Boston Children’s Hospital.”

Pelletier said three detectives spoke to the family, then they were brought into a room and the medical team told them the hospital had contacted the DCF and under a “51A,” the section of Massachusetts law that mandates health officials and others to report suspected child abuse, and “they were taking custody of our daughter.”

“We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye,” he told

Apparently, the new treatment hasn’t helped:

Lou Pelletier said he and his wife have been only allowed to see their daughter on one-hour weekly supervised visits, first while she was in therapy at Boston Children’s psychiatric ward Bader 5, then at a residential treatment center where Justina is now living in Framingham, Mass. They say her condition has deteriorated because the hospital has stopped all medical treatment for mitochondrial disease.

The update, an entire year later, from CBS news:

The state of Massachusetts took charge of Justina Pelletier as her parents and doctors at Children’s Hospital continue to clash over her diagnosis and treatment. The teen’s mom broke down in court. Paramedics wheeled Linda Pelletier from the courthouse Monday afternoon minutes after she collapsed upon hearing a judge order her embattled teenaged daughter into foster care.

Then, there’s the case of Bret Bohn, now 27, who according to The Blaze, was taken to Providence Medical Center for a seizure which followed a bout of severe insomnia. After 24 days in the hospital, and still suffering from insomnia, “his mental faculties were significantly diminished.” The medical answer was to drug him into a state off delirium. His parents asked for a second opinion and that’s when the trouble began. According to the article:

They say they were denied  [a second opinion] and were not permitted to withdraw their son from the hospital.

Eventually, a custody battle broke out. A judge ultimately ruled in favor of the state.

Now, the 27-year-old is a ward of the state and has been diagnosed with a metal-disorder [sic], which has resulted in doctors heavily medicating him with various drugs, his family told TheBlaze.

“The state of Alaska owns him basically,” Lorraine Bohn said.

Mike Adams at Natural News, commenting on the Pelletier case, has an interesting take on what might be happening to these people:

Boston Children’s Hospital kidnapped the teen girl from her Connecticut family nearly 10 months ago under the excuse of a contrived medical diagnosis. Through legal maneuvering, the hospital managed to gain legal custody of the girl, and the “ransom demand” is the demand that the parents stop trying to remove the girl from the hospital so that Boston Children’s can generate maximum revenue from so-called “treatments” which have so far accomplished nothing.

He calls it a “kidnap and ransom” operation, traditionally called “K&R.” According to Mike:

“Kidnapping” is defined as:

The crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by force or fraud, or seizing and detaining a person against his or her will with an intent to carry that person away at a later time.

This perfectly fits the definition of what Boston Children’s Hospital has done to the Pelletier family… The hospital cited “both parents’ resistance towards recommended treatment plans” as part of its justification for kidnapping the girl for nearly 10 months. Make sure you fully grasp what this means: IF YOU DO NOT AGREE with a doctor’s diagnosis of your child, the hospital will kidnap that child for an indefinite period, and local law enforcement authorities will very likely side with the hospital rather than the parents (because cops are easily intimidated by doctors).

Mike wrote his article last November, before Justina was moved to a group home and then to foster care:

Right now as you read this, Justina Pelletier is a prisoner of Boston Children’s Hospital. The hospital will not let her leave. She is being forced to eat hospital food, which is much like prison food. Her movements are controlled. She is monitored. Her communication with the outside world is restricted.

This is the definition of prison.

Even if the hospital one day decides to release Justina Pelletier, it will almost certainly bill the parents for potentially millions of dollars in medical costs. That’s where the “ransom” part comes into play. The longer the hospital criminally holds the girl as a kidnapping victim, the more bills they rack up which they may try to charge to the parents — even though the parents never consented to the outrageous medical diagnosis and kidnapping in the first place!

Although I’m not convinced that money is the ultimate reason for kidnapping these individuals, I do know that the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. And what the hospitals, government agencies, and judges are doing to these individuals and their families is indeed purely evil. Are these cases perhaps a test to see how the public will react? Mike seems to believe there is more to them than monetary profit:

This is the ultimate medical tyranny. You are witnessing hospitals transition into paramilitary medical enforcement detection centers where all medicine is administered at gunpoint and parents are escorted away from their children by husky, heavily-armed “security officers.”

When it comes to children, vaccines, chemotherapy and psychiatric drugs are all weapons of destruction used as tools domination and control. Doctors now believe they alone have the intelligence to decide what’s best for children, even at the expense of violating families, parental rights, individual liberty and medical common sense.

He further states:

This isn’t the first case of Boston Children’s Hospital abusing children for profit, by the way. Over a hundred years ago, Dr. Arthur Wentworth used 29 children at the hospital as human guinea pigs for unethical medical experiments involving tapping into their spinal columns.

In response to this grotesque abuse of children by the hospital, Dr. John Roberts of Philadelphia characterized the procedure as “human vivisection.”

Mike suggests that parents take their children to conventional hospitals only in the case of a life or death emergency. I would say the same goes for adults. Hospitals are not safe places. Why expose yourself or loved ones to medical incompetence and super-bugs if not absolutely necessary?

We really need to be doing our own research and then deciding whether or not to follow a particular doctor’s orders. Physicians are not omniscient and they all have biases. The ER physician in the Pelletier case told the family he didn’t believe in the existence of mitochondrial disorders. So why not step aside and allow Justina the treatment her parents and her other doctors think best? It doesn’t make sense.

The option of making our own healthcare choices is a freedom we can’t afford to lose. Justina and Bret are proof of this, as they are getting worse under their mandated care.

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