Teen kidnapped by hospital released to home state

This update from CBS:

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families confirmed Friday it’s working to send a teenager at the center of a bitter state custody dispute back to her home state of Connecticut.

The agency also announced that Tufts Medical Center will soon begin overseeing the treatment of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, an apparent victory for her parents.

According to her father, Justina’s health has increasingly declined during the year since Boston Children’s Hospital forced the cessation of her treatment for a mitochondrial disorder. The hospital and state are merely covering their behinds. Her death while under their care would be quite inconvenient for them.

However, they cannot fully admit they were wrong. Therefore, Justina’s not being released to her family. As the CBS article states:

It does not appear that Pelletier would be returned to the custody of her parents as part of the move to Connecticut.

The statement from Loftus only says that the state is trying “to find an appropriate placement near her home.”

It also notes that a medical team from Tufts has been chosen to care for Pelletier, which is in line with her parents’ wishes.

Isn’t it nice of them to choose Tufts to care for Justina? That’s where she received treatment before Boston Children’s kidnapped her. We wish the best for the Pelletier family and pray for the full recovery of Justina’s health and for her immediate return to her family.

06/17/14 UPDATE from The PJ Tatler:

On Tuesday a Massachusetts juvenile court judge ordered the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to return custody of Justina Pelletier to her parents…

Justina’s release came days after a video was released showing the teenager begging to return to her family.

It’s about time.

YouTube Preview Image

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