Barack/Barry Hussein Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah – antichrist watch 2

Just came across a video that covers some of the strangeness surrounding the current POTUS. For example, the fact that his mother and the woman who approved his Hawaiian birth certificate, the only casualty of a recent plane crash, were both members of a small cult. And that the current POTUS looks very much like the founder of the cult:

O and cult leader

And that his mother’s passport application lists another last name for him:


Apparently, this isn’t new news, as it was reported by Birther Report in 2010. The birthers have been right all along. There’s no way this guy meets the legal requirements for being POTUS.

Anyway, I’ve never seen so much secrecy and strangeness surrounding a person as with the current POTUS. There’s something really wrong here and the makers of the following video believe he’s the antichrist. I made my opinion clear in a previous post. I find nothing remarkable about him except the extent to which he’s a phony and a liar. He’s a master of deception in a political universe that’s populated by deceivers. On the other hand, I think there’s a lot more to it – a supernatural element that’s not from God’s side. Is he a dark side head fake? So unexceptional that no one would suspect him of being anything but an empty suit who reads a teleprompter and plays lousy golf?

So, a compilation of some evidence that the current POTUS is the antichrist. Indeed, some of the things in the video seem to prove that he’s at least tipping his hat to the forces of evil. What other explanation is there for, for example, giving his acceptance speech in a replica of the historical seat of satan?


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