Video: Dianne Reidy, former House stenographer & “God outburst” lady

This video was big news on Fox & Friends this morning. I had a hard time finding it, so I’m placing it here for those who are interested. It’s mostly about biblical prophecy as understood by Reidy and her husband. The most interesting part is during the first few minutes when they show how the audio was manipulated in the news videos aired a few months back. There seems to be no public record of what she actually said.

Some commenting on YouTube had a problem with Reidy not remembering what she said during the “outburst”. Since the Gifts of the Spirit are part of my faith tradition, I’ll add my two cents. The first is that the Holy Spirit does not take control of a person, as happens in those who channel other spirits. If someone becomes unaware of what they’re doing and saying during a prophecy, it isn’t God. The unfortunate result is that the speaker can get in the way of what God wants to say through them. The second is that since the words don’t originate with the speaker, it’s not surprising that the speaker sometimes doesn’t remember what was said. In Reidy’s case in particular she can hardly be blamed for forgetting, as she was not only nervous but so much happened during and immediately following the incident.

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