Is it time to teach your kids to bug out from school?

The government is performing some scary drills with our children. Apparently, in one type of drill they’re taught to “shelter in place” while a mad gunman rampages through their school. (Isn’t that what they want for all of us? To have us cower in a corner, conditioned like abused dogs?) In another, the children are taken from school, put on buses and driven to “alternate locations” where they are not allowed any contact with their parents. According to The Organic Prepper:

 Many schools now boast of having supplies to keep children at the school for 48 hours in the event of an “emergency” during which time the children will not be released to their parents.

During the Atlanta snowstorm debacle, school children were kept in schools, or on buses, until officials decided it was safe for them to go home. I believe that was part of the testing the government continually conducts on its citizens. In this case, to see how parents would react to having their children kept by the government. There was minimal outrage, but I didn’t see any scenes of parents trying to get to their kids, although the feds seem to be training for that scenario.

Apparently, last year the government conducted “a ‘drill’ during which the police took over a school and practiced fighting ‘angry parents’.” When have we heard of a parent getting angry, storming a school, and hurting children? Is that really a problem worthy of the feds conducting traumatizing drills? It’s the excuse they used. You can see it in the article linked above.

Nevertheless, the only scenario I can think of for angry parents threatening a school is that of the government not releasing their children to them. These would be parents who believe they can best care for their kids during an emergency situation. We know what kind of people think that way and we know that the government considers them terrorists.


There’s only one real scenario that comes to mind, and you’d more than likely have to be a prepper or conspiracy theorist to even contemplate the possibility.

The schools which our kids attend have “shelter-in-place” emergency procedures that would be enacted in the event of an emergency such as a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. During these emergencies schools are to be locked down with no unofficial access into the buildings until the all-clear has been given. It’s unclear based on district procedures just what the shelter-in-place order means and what steps parents would need to take to get their kids out of school – or whether they could even take their kids out of school based on the emergency.

The article further states:

Someone, somewhere obviously thinks there is a legitimate reason for this type of training simulation.

That’s why I recommend reading The Organic Prepper’s article, “Should Your Kids Know How To Bug Out…From School?” It provides more details on the drills and offers advice on how to train your child to bug out, if that’s appropriate for your child.

The drills are conditioning our children to accept government detention and the presence of government goons who point assault weapons at them. Is that the kind of future we want for them? They need to be mentally prepared for what seems to be coming. Traditionally, elders sheltered children, allowing them to be carefree. Today, that’s not the case. Media and government are exposing them to all the garbage of the world, including globalist plans for tyranny. Perhaps it’s never too early to begin teaching them what it means to be free and how to stay that way.


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