YouTube’s “super flagger” program – super censorship?

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Google has given roughly 200 people and organizations, including a British police unit, the ability to “flag” up to 20 YouTube videos at once to be reviewed for violating the site’s guidelines.

The Financial Times last week reported that the U.K. Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit has been using its “super flagger” authority to seek reviews – and removal – of videos it considers extremist.

The news sparked concern that Google lets the U.K. government censor videos that it doesn’t like, and prompted Google to disclose more details about the program…

More than 90% of the videos identified by super flaggers are either removed for violating guidelines, or restricted as not appropriate for younger users, the person familiar with the program said. That’s a far higher percentage than regular users who occasionally flag dubious content.

It seems YouTube has deleted Mark Dice’s channels. From the Daily Sheeple:

[The channels were] removed for “severe violations of our community guidelines,” despite the fact that Dice is well-known for keeping the language on his videos clean and refraining from any type of hate speech.

YouTube has not supplied any further information about the “violations.”

Dice had over 800 videos on the channel, and millions of viewers.

Dice isn’t the first person to be harassed by YouTube. They’ve been doing it to Dutchsinse for years.

I would suggest that freedom-lovers start their own version of YouTube, free of undue censorship; however, since the globalists have been given control of the Internet, it’s likely that Big Brother will be censoring everything. Is that what’s happening here?

Is it possible that the new world order has been in control of things for a long time and the globalists are slowly revealing their lordship over us? Are we gradually being prepared to accept their domineering control?

I’ve been busy reading real books lately, the kind with paper pages, if anyone remembers those. It’s disturbing to discover how each of us has been trained like dogs since childhood. A good book about it is The Leipzig Connection. It’s not very long and it’s available online. You’ll discover how the Rockefellers funded a revolution in education in which they use psychological manipulation to train us to behave as they wish. Instead of teaching us languages, history, literature and all the subjects that expand our world, they’ve trained us to be content in the little boxes of false reality they’ve created for us.

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