Fox News reports on doctored hijacker photos

The premier news station for bashing conspiracy theorists is reporting that the Malaysian government released a couple of doctored photos. It seems the still shots taken from security video of the phony-passport Iranians who boarded Flight 370 show each man having the same set of legs. Better late than never. This was reported by a Godlike Productions contributor on March 11th. Bruxa saw the photos at the Daily Mail. The photos:

Iranians_same legs

As reported on Fox News, the Malaysian government claims someone merely left one photo on top of another on the copy machine; however, it that’s the case, why is there a shadow on the floor in one photo and not in the other?

“What took them so long to notice?” asked a Fox & Friends talking head. What took you and your cronies so long to notice? Or don’t you do anything but read what’s on the teleprompter and your news-gatherers nothing but what comes from the AP?

Does this mean mainstream media may begin reporting anomalies that originate with their own government? Such as the conflicting photographic evidence of Tamerlan Tsarnaev getting into a police car and then ending up on slab in a morgue? Only if they need a diversion. The missing-airplane coverage may well be a sleight-of-hand to take our attention away from something the globalists are doing. It must be something big because they have not let up on news of the missing flight.

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