Strangeness surrounding the Washington mudslide

I was wondering why there didn’t seem to be much mud on the 4-year-old rescued from the mudslide. After seeing the footage and reading the news reports – well, here we go again. Is it more faulty reporting, or is there something more to it? Let’s start with two still shots of his rescue:

boy rescued from mudslideboy rescued from mudslide 2

Some of the reporting:


Jacob Spillers, who was stuck so fast in the mud that his trousers came off during the rescue…

Fox News:

[The co-pilot] said he saw people so thoroughly covered in mud that searchers could only spot them by the whites of their waving palms.

His helicopter rescued eight people, including a 4-year-old boy, who was up to his knees in concrete-like compressed mud.

The mud was so sticky, the rescuers were worried about getting stuck so the helicopter hovered about a foot away and the crew chief tried to pull him out. “He was suctioned in that mud so much that his pants came off,” Hrivnak said.

Global News:

Video from the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team shows the moment rescue workers made a remarkable discovery: four-year-old Jacob Spiller, wandering in the vicinity of what used to be his home.

So, was he stuck or wandering? The video, embedded below, seems to show a man pulling the boy from the mud, although he seems to begin doing so just as the camera focuses on him. You can clearly see the man remove the boy’s pants while the boy is in his arms.

The next sentence from Global News is quite interesting:

According to a post on the team’s facebook page, they were conducting training exercises on the morning of the landslide near Oso, Washington.

Wow. Another one of those practice-drill-at-the-same-time-as-a-real-disaster coincidences.

New York Post:

The boy, identified as Jacob Spillers, was at home with his father and three siblings when the devastating slide struck Saturday.

Luckily, the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team was training 25 miles south of the mudslide, and was able to race to the town of Oso and rescue the boy just a couple hours after the disaster struck.

“He was stuck. He was sunk into that mud so well that his pants came right off,” said Ed Hrivnak with Pierce County Fire and Rescue. “The mud had compacted around him and had created such suction that he couldn`t move.”

The photo was taken by first responders just moments after they saved the life of a child. They’d spotted him nearly drowning in the mud.

“So, they brought him to us in the ambulance and I took all his clothes off, because he was freezing, wrapped him up and held him and told him I was a grandma,” said his neighbor, Robin Youngblood.

Youngblood says she comforted the child until his mother arrived at the hospital.

Yahoo! News Philippines:

The four-year-old has been named by local media as Jacob Spillers. He was reportedly at home with his father and three siblings when the slide hit. They were all listed as missing on March 24. His mother, a nursing assistant, was at work when she learned of the catastrophe. She found Jacob by calling hospitals…

The Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team was training 25 miles south of the mudslide location when it hit, and was on scene very quickly. Jacob was rescued a few hours after the slide hit.

Washington Times:

When the slide hit their house Saturday, Jacob Spillers was home with his father, Billy Spillers and three siblings – 13-year-old half-brother Jovon Mangual, 5-year-old Kaylee Spillers, and 2-year-old Brooke Spillers.

His mother, Jonielle Spillers, was at her job as a nursing assistant.

The Seattle Times reports Jovon’s father, Jose Mangual, is an Army staff sergeant. He says the Spillers moved from Seattle to Oso about two years ago. Billy Spillers is a chief petty officer stationed at Naval Station Everett.

The rescue video:

And check out these photos, which look as staged as those from Sandy Hook:

flag flag 2 flag 3hug rescue workers muddy chairs

I’m not suggesting there was no mudslide. I’m just wondering what’s going on with the reporting. Like, who in the helicopter took the boy’s photo and why? Why can’t the media agree on the child’s surname? Why say the boy’s pants came off in the mud when the rescuer can clearly be seen taking them off? Is it a coincidence that the rescue team was conducting a drill when the mudslide occurred? If Sandy Hook was about gun control and the Boston event about Martial Law, if aspects of this event were staged, what’s the point?

3 thoughts on “Strangeness surrounding the Washington mudslide”

  1. Thom Satterlee and his wife are sovereign common law freedom fighters that were lost in the slide. Here is his amazing resume and what he was doing for the area he declared “Freedom County” and he as the Freedom County Commissioner with a Sherif and Comptroller. . If you are at all familiar with “Agenda 21,” Thom would be a big thorn in their side big time. A regular routine drill near a disaster is a red flag to me, since this is the cabal’s calling card.


    1. Thank you for the info on Mr. Satterlee. What an interesting and brave man. How sad and unfortunate that he and his wife are gone and how convenient for those he annoyed. I wish more people knew about the sacrifices made by sovereign law people, and their reasons for doing so, as it might give the rest of us more courage to at least publicly speak out against the encroachments of Agenda 21. It takes radical people to wake up those who prefer to ignore the not-so-secret globalist plans to drastically change our way of life.

      And wasn’t news of the drill a surprise? I didn’t expect it in an event that seems to be a natural disaster. Perhaps it’s just difficult to understand the thoughts of truly evil people.


      1. I have watched this pattern over and over again. We have friends that have beautiful land in southern Oregon and the cabal tried burning them off their property, but thankfully did not succeed. They have technology way beyond anything we can imagine.

        Have you seen this? . A Citizen Grand Jury supersedes all judicial court systems. These are forming across the country and New York just declared all counties spy exempt. We are forming one in Seattle. . We can put a stop to smart meters and agenda 21.


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