Walmart’s in bed with Agenda 21 globalists

In 2010, it had a rather public affair with DHS so it’s not much of a surprise. Nevertheless, according to Canada Free Press:

As it turns out, every item scanned at Wal-Mart, America’s top food reseller with an estimated 25% of market share, supports Agenda 21 through a little known organization called the Global Recording Initiative.

The GRI functions as an over-the-shoulder manager, one that tracks compliance—through a school-style alphabet grading system—by companies who submit the proper paperwork and commit to managing their firms under the dictates of Agenda 21.

UNEP, the executor of Agenda 21, is plain in its expectations and goals for the initiative, saying, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

So, Walmart is providing data to U.N. globalists who use the info to “encourage” cooperation with Agenda 21.

Although data submission is called “voluntary”, a GRI flier states that companies will benefit through the attraction of finances and a reduction of “the costs of compliance with regulations, contracts, and licenses.”

Wal-Mart, for its part, dedicates eight pages of the corporate website to explaining the company’s “global responsibility” values, including an explanation of the “live better” portion of the company’s current ad campaign, “Save money. Live better.” The phrase, according to Wal-Mart’s sustainability page, reflects a strong commitment toward “driving meaningful change in a way that no other company can.”

In other words, Walmart’s in a better position to manipulate producers and consumers. That’s where you stand after you’ve decimated most of your competition. Notice that their noose is also around the necks of suppliers and overseas factories:

But Wal-Mart’s compliance is more than just a shallow public relations tactic. In fact, the economic powerhouse is in full submission to the GRI, promising “progress,” “engagement with external stakeholders,” and “making corrections as needed.” Pointedly, the company has added sustainability standards to what are already considered hard-core demands on suppliers. One mandate, for example, requires that “all direct import suppliers source 95 percent of their production from factories that receive one of our two highest ratings in audits for environmental and social practices.”

Notice the Agenda 21 buzzwords. Walmart’s in lockstep with the globalists. However, as the article states:

Wal-Mart is only one of thousands of companies bringing its customers into compliance with Agenda 21.

According to

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) “has pioneered the development of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework and is committed to its continuous improvement and application worldwide. This framework sets out the principles and indicators that organizations can use to measure and report their economic, environmental, and social performance.”

American businesses (at least that’s what we’re led to believe they are) are reporting their economic, environmental, and social performance to the globalists. Here are some of the foundations paying to collect the information:

“Past and present foundations that have provided support include: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, UN Foundation, World Bank, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Foundation, United States Environment Protection Agency, V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, and the Soros Foundation.”

Funny how so many of them are openly in favor of decreasing the world’s population. So compassionate. Guess we don’t have to worry about them “managing” our lives through large corporations.

2 thoughts on “Walmart’s in bed with Agenda 21 globalists”

  1. So we are supposed to be against environmental and social standards because they are upheld by the UN. Hitler was anti-smoking; does that mean we should support smoking, which kills 480,000 a yr in the US?

    Anyone who doesn’t think we would be better off with fewer people is blind. Clearly, the earth is finite and can only support so many. That does not mean I favor killing people off; it means I support economic policies which build a strong middle class, since people of that degree of economic security voluntarily bring the birth rate down below replacement value.

    The problem is we have an economic system which cannot thrive except on constant growth, which is impossible. So rather than change our environmental and social standards (not polluting the environment and giving people a living wage and rights), we need to change our economic system, which has turned democracy into plutocracy.

    The way to reduce population, which is required by the finite resources of the earth, is through economic progress in systems which encourage shared prosperity, rising wages, and work for all who want it. Modern tycoons would see their empires crash if indeed the population suddenly declined, since their fortunes are based on rising consumption.


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