Why does a VA cardiology department need ammo?

From prepperpodcast.com:

The latest government agency to solicit ammunition from the Federal Business Online website is the Veteran’s Administration New York Harbor Healthcare System Brooklyn Campus…The ammunition is being sent, of all places, to the CARDIOLOGY Department…

The Cardiology department is asking for 20 cases (500 rounds each) of 9 mm, 124 grain Brass Jacketed Hollow Point Golden Saber duty ammunition, and 30 cases (500 rounds each) of 9 mm 124 grain Full Metal Jacket Training Ammunition…

With the entire New York Harbor Health Care System employing approximately 3,700 employees, the entire Cardiology Department could not exceed 150 full time staffers.

Ever notice that the more they want to disarm us, the more they want their own to be armed? For example, all the military equipment going to local law enforcement. On the other hand, could it be that the ammo being purchased for seemingly benign government agencies is going elsewhere?

H/T: SteveQuayle.com. The requisition can be found at FedBizOpps.com. Here are a few screen captures:

VA hospital requests ammo 1

VA hospital requests ammo 3

VA hospital requests ammoVA hospital requests ammo 2

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