Musing on the chains of the nanny state

Amazon’s been promoting this wi-fi home monitoring camera. From their website:

2014_Amazon wi fi monitoring b

Although over a thousand reviewers gave this product four or five stars, I have a few problems with it. Such as, if I’m able to remotely view the video stream, doesn’t that mean others can too? What if a pedophile decides my kids’ playroom is the best thing to watch on a Sunday afternoon? It’s all really creepy, having our personal lives – our music, photos, digital documents, videos, etc. – stored online in the “cloud” where others can gain access to it.

Here is more info about the camera and its accompanying video monitoring service:

2014_Amazon wi fi monitoring c 2014_Amazon wi fi monitoring question

People are so trusting and I suppose little happens in the way of security breaches, but who wants to be the family whose home is hacked? And who can believe that the all-seeing, octopus-like NSA isn’t stealing and storing the data that’s on servers and in the “cloud”?

Is there anyone who still lives as if their entire life isn’t somehow being overheard? Cellphones and laptops can be remotely activated to listen to us and/or film us. Televisions, cable boxes, and other electronic equipment are used to do the same.

In my post about Walmart and Agenda 21 is a quotation from UNEP, the executor of Agenda 21:

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Data collection is all about management. “They” want people to behave the way they want and they use psychological means to do so. They spy on us and study us in order to manage us. And remember that “manage” is merely a friendly word for “manipulation”.

Regarding “they”, I’ve recently been asked who “they” are. Well, you tell me. Who can we point to and say, “These are the people who want to ‘manage’ us”? Is it the lawmakers who enact laws that, for instance, make us wear seat belts? Is it the private citizens who encourage their lawmakers to support the law? Or is it the seat belt-making company that lobbies the lawmakers and convinces the public that the law was necessary? Or, is it someone or something that has a more nefarious agenda? Any way you look at it, freedom is the casualty in the war between those who want to be free and those who want to change the behavior of others.

For some reason that I don’t understand, there are people who feel it’s their duty to not allow their neighbors to park boats in their own driveways or drink large sodas or smoke in their own homes and…you get the drift. I acknowledge the fact that social constraints are necessary in a free society and when my neighbor decides to park his RV on my front lawn without my permission, that’s unacceptable. I also find it unacceptable for him to reach into my car to fasten my seat belt and pull a cigarette out of my hand.

Basically, to conspire is to plan secretly. Isn’t that what elitists, be they political or academic, do when they plot ways to manage our behavior? The New World Order represents the globalists’ manipulation of the entire world to bring it into conformity with their ideals.

There are those who agree with the management plans, those who don’t, and those who have no clue as to what’s going on. The clueless are happily purchasing the very devises that are being used to manage them. I wonder if the “managers” ever thought they’d be so lucky as to have the slaves pay for their own chains and the accessories to go with them and then blissfully boast about it all?

Those who agree with the managers are also happy with the chains and happy to see their progress. Those who don’t agree often write blogs like this. We’re also in chains but we don’t like it. As I’ve asked before, is that really a better place to be, or is ignorance indeed bliss?

And don’t forget to smile for the cameras. The managers are watching you – and your children. Why not purchase a wi-fi cam so they can get a better look? It even sees in the dark. And it listens. Are we listening?

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