Why the strange pyramid setting for the 2014 nuclear summit?

Check out the strange sci-fi movie-like set for the summit. Is there some esoteric meaning to it, or are these “world leaders” playing pretend in a Star Wars-type scenario? That may not be so far-fetched when you think of what these types do at Bohemian Grove. Makes you wonder if such people are actually sane. Anyway, here are the photos. Notice the weird hieroglyphics. And what’s that round glowing thing in the middle of the circle?

2014 Nuclear Summit

Hieroglyphics2Summit StagePyramid

And notice the pyramid pins many of them wore:

Pyramid Pins

Here’s a short video of the event:

Many say the pyramid is a symbol of the Illuminati. Others say pyramids have mystical powers. Whatever they are, it’s weird how they’re turning up in all sorts of settings these days. It’s either delusions of grandeur, or people are trying to conjure something. Or, perhaps those are the same thing.

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