Virginia Democrat runs on promise to “decimate” Christians


“Said it proudly! Want to decimate the tea party, the NRA, bible thumpers, and Fox News zombies? Vote for me,” he tweeted.

According to, the word “decimate” means to “destroy a great number or proportion of.”

But Dickinson wasn’t finished.

After claiming the Tea Party is the modern KKK, he called for the small-government, pro-Constitution movement to be eradicated.

“Lady liberty has a cancerous tumor called the tea party. Time to eradicate it,” he said.

Recently, Dickinson came under fire for calling the NRA “pure trash.”

After his tweet became national news, Twitter suspended his account, but later brought it back, prompting Dickinson to become even more violent in his rhetoric.

Remember, he’s with the political party whose members banned God from their platform. (They later reinstated Him.)

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