The One Health Initiative

One glance at the official webpage reveals it all:

Title One Health

A unification of human and veterinary medicine?

one world one medicine

From their mission statement page:

Mission Statement:

Recognizing that human health (including mental health via the human-animal bond phenomenon), animal health, and ecosystem health are inextricably linked, One Health seeks to promote, improve, and defend the health and well-being of all species by enhancing cooperation and collaboration between physicians, veterinarians, other scientific health and environmental professionals and by promoting strengths in leadership and management to achieve these goals.

Vision Statement:

One Health (formerly called One Medicine) is dedicated to improving the lives of all species—human and animal—through the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental science.

One Health shall be achieved through:

1. Joint educational efforts between human medical, veterinary medical schools, and schools of public health and the environment;

2. Joint communication efforts in journals, at conferences, and via allied health networks;

3. Joint efforts in clinical care through the assessment, treatment and prevention of cross-species disease transmission;

4. Joint cross-species disease surveillance and control efforts in public health;

5. Joint efforts in better understanding of cross-species disease transmission through comparative medicine and environmental research;

6. Joint efforts in the development and evaluation of new diagnostic methods, medicines and vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases across species and;

7. Joint efforts to inform and educate political leaders and the public sector through accurate media publications.

Sounds like we may not be enjoying many more steak dinners. However, perhaps we won’t need them, as their philosophy removes the moral impediment to Soylent Green. And if the world’s ecosystem is of the same value as a human life…well, you can connect the dots. On the other hand, if obamacare puts too many physicians out of business, we’ll at least have local veterinarians to doctor us.

See this page for a very lengthy list of organizations and individuals that support the nonsense – 858 at this time. They include groups that are obviously Agenda 21 types, such as Horizon International of Yale, and agencies such as the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Parks Service.

I’m all for taking better care of the planet, especially the animals. My personal belief is that animals are far more sentient and more valuable to God than most people give them credit for. Our poor treatment of them is a sign of our fallen spiritual nature. However, given the fact that the globalists who want to control the world are eugenicists that want to reduce the world’s population, the “one health initiative” probably isn’t good for the rest of us humans. Nor will it be good for the animals, as elitists care for no one but themselves. Consider the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which is right now killing the Bundy’s cows in order to allegedly save some turtles. Or does someone want the land for its natural resources? Could it be that money is more valuable to “them” than humans, animals, and the world’s ecosystem?

H/T: & Crimes Against Humanity.

2 thoughts on “The One Health Initiative”

  1. I totally agree! Animals are people to and have the right to live. We are far more similar to other animals than different. We cannot at the same time protect the environment and human health while killing hundreds of billions of animals each year.

    Respect for life means: respect for human beings, respect for animals and ecosystem,s, respect for the planet itself. You cannot separate the parts of the ecosystem to which we all belong. This proposal seeks to heal the divisions which have allowed people to destroy the environment, kill off most species of animals, and then wonder why everyone gets cancer? As Ben Franklin said: If we do not hang together, we will hang separately.


    1. Animals are not people. People refers to humans and humans are of the category of hominids, which are erect bipedal primates. The main point of my post is that those who support the One Health Initiative also support reducing the world’s population, as do you. They are people that I, and many others, don’t trust. How can they be trusted when they inhumanely kill cattle in order to save turtles? Who are they to say which is more valuable? Particularly as such decisions always seems to rest on what’s more profitable for them. (In this case it seems that ridding the land of the Bundy’s cattle will allow Harry Reid to have his Chinese business deal.) How can we be sure they will not one day prefer to save, say, a small fish at the expense of human lives? Oh wait, they’ve been doing that in California for years. Once humans become of the same value as other creatures, we have as much chance of being moved off our land, denied resources, and exterminated as any old beetle. Again, somehow the global elitists always benefit from such decisions.

      Your use of Franklin’s quote about hanging together is quite interesting. He was talking about standing together against tyranny.


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