Navy sailor sick from carrying flag exposed to Fukushima plume

From Energy News:

One sailor had been told to go up to the top of the ship and take down the American flag. He went and took the American flag down and folded it up in the triangle way they usually folded up the flag, and put it under his arm, and went all the way down to the bottom of the ship to store it. By the time he reached the bottom of the ship, his whole left side where the flag was had become inflamed. They immediately stripped his clothes off, hosed him down, washed him down with soap. He is naked there in front of all the sailors, men and women, because it became an extreme emergency. Then 17 other sailors were immediately scrubbed down.

He had to be discharged, he and his wife — he had ended up marrying a young lady on the ship — they both had to be discharged for medical reasons. She developed major leukemias, uterine cancers, uncontrolled uterine bleeding. And they both received a medical discharge.

ENENews links to an mp3 of the entire interview.

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