Sheriff’s election ad: Those in law enforcement “have complete Power and Authority over You”

It’s often hard to tell whether someone is stupid or evil. Take, for instance, Sheriff Ed Brown of Onslow County, North Carolina. Wanting four more years in office, he took out what appears to be a full page ad touting his qualifications as a good, Christian guy with the right “Core Values” to be a law enforcement professional. Nowhere does he mention public service. Rather, he reveals a pretentious, and scary, view of law enforcement. Here are a few excerpts from the ad:

Without Exception, no other Body of Your Government has been entrusted with such Great Power and Authority as those in the Law Enforcement Profession.

The vast majority of our Duties and Functions are performed with only our conscience Watching and Directing us. Thus the Core Values of a person in the Law Enforcement Profession is Everything.

We in the Law Enforcement Profession have complete Power and Authority over You, Your Life, Your Family, Your Loved Ones, Your Rights, Your Freedom, Your future, and Everything Precious to  Life.

From the very word of a Law Enforcement Office, all those Precious Things of Life hang.

So, according to Sheriff Ed, law enforcement has greater power and authority than Congress, the judiciary, the executive branch, and local elected bodies. He also states that our laws and Constitutional rights are superseded by individual officers’ consciences, as conscience directs their duties and functions.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he places law enforcement in the position of God by stating that police officers have complete power and authority over us, our lives, our family, loved ones, and everything precious to life. He goes even further down that road to hell by asserting that all precious things in life hang on their word. Wouldn’t a real Christian believe that our lives hang on every word of God, as the Bible states? He’s usurping authority and power that belong only to God. The Scriptures call Satan the usurper. Where does that leave Sheriff Ed and others like him?

There’s something terribly wrong with this man and any other public servants who think more highly of themselves and their positions than they ought. He, and any other officer who agrees with his view of law enforcement, should be removed from their positions immediately. The fact that someone like Sheriff Ed is too stupid or too arrogant to realize that what he’s saying is tyrannical proves he isn’t fit to be a law enforcement professional, someone who’s sworn to protect and serve the community, not to have power and authority over our lives.

Unfortunately, things probably won’t be getting better any time soon. Check out this Washington Post article that includes nine disturbing police recruitment videos.

Here’s a PDF of Sheriff Ed’s ad: ed brown ad.

H/T: Steve & Foodforthethinkers Blog.

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