DUI pinned on woman after deputy t-bones her car

From Fox News in Milwaukee:

Tanya Weyker was hurt so badly, she couldn’t blow into a breath-testing device or perform field sobriety tests. But a Sheriff’s deputy arrested her for drunk driving anyway. And the County hung those charges over her head for nearly a year, even long after blood tests proved she was perfectly sober…

In his official report, Deputy Quiles wrote that he stopped at the stop sign and looked both ways before pulling out. He told a Milwaukee police officer that he never saw any headlights, even though Weyker’s Camry had lights that come on automatically…

The truth might never have surfaced were it not for video from a nearby airport surveillance camera. It shows what investigators say is Deputy Quiles’ squad car traveling west on Hutsteiner Avenue, then continuing onto Howell without making a complete stop, as Quiles claimed in his report. The Sheriff’s Office knew about the video just two days after the crash. But no one told Weyker.

Instead, the County sent letters blaming her for the crash and threatening legal action if she didn’t pay for the damage.

There’s more to the story, including this about the cop who blew the stop sign:

Deputy Quiles has not worked in more than a year since the crash. He has exhausted his injury pay and has now filed for permanent duty disability for injuries he suffered in the crash he caused. His application is still pending before the County’s Employee Retirement System.

All of this is happening, despite the fact that reports written at the time of the crash indicate Deputy Quiles suffered only minor injuries and was “treated and released” at Froedtert Hospital.

The way other news outlets handled the story is interesting. For example, Fox News of Piedmont states:

A Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputy rolled through a stop sign and T-boned 25-year-old Tanya Weyker’s vehicle in February 2013.

The term “rolled through a stop sign” (used throughout the article) makes it sound like the deputy slowed down but didn’t come to a complete stop at the intersection. According to the first article cited, the term was used by internal affairs in their interview with the deputy and it’s what Quiles admitted to doing. However, Weyker suffered a fractured neck because Quiles crashed into her car.

As for Quiles’ punishment, he was “officially suspended for nine days for violating traffic laws and damaging County equipment.”

I commend the writers of the first article for telling the truth about what happened to the young woman, including the adding of insult to injury by local law enforcement. I rebuke those who wrote the second article for publishing what appear to be the official talking points for the case. Abuses of power need to be exposed before we’re left completely deprived of freedom.

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