Fukushima problem so large it’s impossible to grasp what’s happening

From Energy News:

Mainichi Daily News, May 17, 2014: Outcome of battle against radioactive water at Fukushima plant in doubt — We are facing a problem so large it’s impossible to see all its dimensions. Eventually, we’ll be able to grasp what’s happening, but for now, no. […] There is the relentless flow of the groundwater, a massive amount of it gushing into the plant’s basements every day. […] If this water pours into the reactor buildings and touches the atomic fuel inside, it picks up high concentrations of radioactive material […] At the moment, this radioactive water is impossible to deal with…

We are now three years into the Fukushima nuclear crisis. We still cannot see everything that’s going on. What we can say for certain, though, is that neither the radiation nor the contaminated water at the plant is getting any less, and there is no guarantee that the battle against them will turn in our favor.

From an earlier ENE post:

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Matthew Carney, Mar. 10, 2014: A nuclear industry insider has told the ABC that the situation at the stricken Fukushima reactor is still not under control […] At the risk of losing his job if his identity is revealed, a senior TEPCO staffer, who has worked at the Fukushima plant for more than 20 years, says the situation at the reactor is not under control and no-one knows how to fix the problem. […] The whistleblower says mistakes are made weekly, and contaminated water leaks into the Pacific Ocean every day. […] The insider says the damaged reactors can never be decontaminated and that people should not be moved back into the no-go zone, a 20-kilometre exclusion area around Fukushima.

Also from that post:

Senior Tepco staffer at Fukushima Daiichi: “There are too many systems and they all have problems…It’s made worse because all the experienced workers have reached their radiation limits, so TEPCO has to rely on staff that don’t know the site and who aren’t trained. […] The other day when contaminated water overflowed from a tank, an alarm was ringing but they didn’t go and check. I couldn’t believe it. It was ringing for nine hours and they thought the alarm was out of order. […] I feel it is impossible to fix before my death. We just don’t have the technology to fix it. It currently doesn’t exist. We just can’t deal with the melted fuel.”

The ENE/Energy News website has many more articles on what’s happening at Fukushima and on the distressing news of diseased fish and marine mammals in the Pacific northwest.

This is a major calamity that may change life as we’ve known it. Why haven’t we heard anything about this ongoing event? Perhaps to mainstream media it’s yesterday’s news. Or, are the five corporations that own our mass media trying to hide what’s happening? After all, those arrogant globalist don’t think much of us. We’re merely “useless eaters” to them.

We need to stop listening to their talking heads and shut down their propaganda machines by boycotting them. What do they have to offer? Once you hear about what’s really happening in the world, the nonsense they try to pass off on us as news becomes sickening. It’s merely propagandist entertainment meant to brainwash us and divert our attention from what’s truly going on.

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