Is the Santa Barbara drive-by another staged event?

It’s all here, the bad acting, conflicting reports, and anti-gun message. From the always entertaining TeamWakeEmUP:

It seems Rodger’s folks called the police after seeing the crazy, threatening videos he’d posted on YouTube. As of today, all his videos are still available for viewing on his YouTube channel. Anyway, police officers allegedly visited Rodger. From CBS news:

Sheriff Brown told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday: “Rodger was polite and courteous to his officers.”

“He was able to make a very convincing story that there was no problem, that he wasn’t going to hurt himself or anyone else. He just didn’t meet the criteria for any further intervention at that point.”

“He apparently had never been either institutionalized or committed for an involuntary hold of any kind, and those are the two triggers that actually would have made him a prohibited person in terms of a firearms purchase,” Brown said.

In other words, even seemingly sane people should not own guns because they may actually be crazy. In addition:

Criminologist Jeffrey Butts says the system is flawed.

“The problem is that law enforcement people should not be asked to do that — to screen people and to assess whether they possess a threat to themselves or others,” Butts said. “That should be done by a clinician of some kind, and I think California would be better off if they used a combination of clinician and law enforcement personnel to have that initial contact.”

It seems like a set up for cops to haul folks away, perhaps to re-education camps? The CBS article also adds:

…the deputies never went inside Rodger’s apartment.


There’s no indication they were aware that Rodger had legally purchased three handguns and ammunition.

In other words, this event is meant to prove that cops should be able to enter and search homes just in case a sane gun owner may one day go crazy and that there should be better reporting of gun and ammo purchases for the time being, until they eliminate all gun ownership. If you watched the TeamWakeEmUP video, you saw the father of an alleged victim blaming the NRA for his son’s death.

The New York Times adds a few details:

It was Friday evening when the parents of Elliot O. Rodger clicked open the 140-page manifesto emailed to them from their son and learned of his plans for mass murder and suicide. Frightened and alarmed, they called 911 and then raced to Isla Vista, Calif., in separate cars from Los Angeles, desperate to stop him.

It was too late.

By the time they arrived, Mr. Rodger had killed six people, the police said, and had died of a self-inflicted gunshot…

Only weeks earlier, in late April, deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office had stopped by Mr. Rodger’s apartment at the request of state mental health officials, acting on an expression of concern by his mother. They left after a calm and polite Mr. Rodger assured them that there was nothing to worry about. The officers reported that Mr. Rodger was shy and had told them that he was having difficulties in his social life.

That gave them little ground on which to act, under California law. Because Mr. Rodger was never institutionalized because of his emotional problems, he was able to legally purchase the weaponry he used in the shooting.

Sometime after the police visit, Mr. Rodger — who had already amassed a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in the apartment — added a note to his manifesto: “If they had demanded to search my room that would have ended everything. For a few horrible seconds I thought it was all over.”

According to the official report, Rodger was alone; however, eyewitnesses say there were two people in the car. In addition, at least one media outlet reports the odd fact that police handcuffed the dead shooter. From

The shooting rampage began at 9:30 p.m. Friday in Isla Vista…Rodger shot and killed two women near a sorority, then another man at nearby deli. He then drove erratically, shooting pedestrians, and striking cyclists before slamming his black BMW into parked cars.

That’s where sheriff’s deputies found him, pulled him from the car and handcuffed him.

“He was obviously dead,” Brown said,

From the Daily Mail:

Deputies found the suspect inside the BMW dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

But the sheriff said he did not know if the suspect was shot and killed by deputies or if the wound was self-inflicted. A semiautomatic handgun was recovered.

From USA Today:

Twice deputies engaged him in gunfire, the first time wounding him in the hip as he drove, Brown said. The rampage ended after the young man exchanged fire with deputies and hit a bicyclist before crashing into parked cars. Rodger then fired on random people at multiple other locations nearby over a 10-minute period, police said.

“It would appear he took his own life at this point,” Brown said.

So, the alleged rampage ended after Rodger shot at cops, hit a bicyclist, crashed into parked cars, then spent 10 minutes firing at random people at multiple locations, shot himself in the head, and then was pulled from the car and handcuffed. These appear to be photos of his covered body:

body_Rodger body after shooting

Also from USA Today:

Brown added that Rodger had three semi automatic handguns–a Glock 34 and two Sig Sauer P226s– as well as more than 400 rounds of ammo when he died.

Here’s the sheriff’s press conference. Notice the low-tech display featuring images of four handguns. Firearms are always the focal point of these events:

presser with gun poster

Nasty, evil firearms. It’s never about the crazy person that uses them. Rodger also stabbed people. It’s a good thing the fascists are so focused on taking away guns, or else we’d soon be cutting our steaks with flimsy plastic knives.

Although in his video he states he wants to kill blonde girls, he allegedly did more than that. According to a CNN report on ABC news, in which an interesting timeline is provided:

Rodger is believed to have killed three victims in his residence…” The three male victims appear to have been repeatedly stabbed,” according to Brown.

(According to the USA Today article, the victims were his roommates: “Rodger stabbed to death three roommates at his apartment before starting his shooting spree, said Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown at a news conference.”)

Rodger [then] went to the Alpha Phi sorority at the University of California, Santa Barbara…Witnesses reported seeing Rodger shoot three young women who were standing outside the sorority house from across the street, the sheriff said. Two of the victims died. The other is hospitalized.

Rodger then went to a nearby delicatessen on Pardall Road. He got out of his car, went inside the deli and killed another UCSB student…

After this shooting, Rodger returned to his car and drove off to another place “where he fired multiple rounds at two people on the sidewalk.”

Rodger continued onto Del Playa Drive, where he pulled a handgun on a female and fired additional shots, Brown said. Then he turned around, traveling westbound on Del Playa. He also exchanged shots with a lone sheriff’s deputy before driving off.

He traveled to the 6600 block of Del Playa where he injured a bicyclist with his car.

Rodger continued on to Camino del Sur to an intersection where he fired multiple shots at pedestrians in the area, hitting three of them.

The gunman shot another pedestrian as he continued driving.

The shooter encountered four sheriff’s deputies running across Little Acorn Park in response to the gunfire. Rodger fired at them as he drove by, officials said. Three of the four deputies returned fire, striking Rodger’s car as it went by. Brown believes Rodger was wounded by one of these shots in the left hip, but it didn’t stop him. He sped off.

The suspect backtracked, heading onto Del Playa again, where witnesses say he hit another bicyclist with his car. The cyclist landed on the windshield of the suspect’s car so hard that the force of the impact caved in its windshield. Rodger then smashed into several parked cars, which finally ended the rampage. Deputies rushed to the crash scene where they dragged Roger from the car and handcuffed him, but Brown says he was already dead with an “apparent gunshot wound to the head.”

You know cops are getting paranoid when they start handcuffing dead people.

Here are photos of the final scene:

car_front endcarcar_bicyclecar_windscreen close upcar_open drivers doorcar_drivers side car_moved tape_chaircar_final scenecar_bodycar_debriscar_cop_partscar_drivers sidecar_from behindcar_taken away

That’s the best of the info I’ve gathered so far. Check it out and make your own decision. Whether it happened or not, it’s still a tragedy. Death or lies. It’s still evil.

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