Santa Barbara drive-by: strangely similar to other questionable events

From DAHBOO77:

The video mentions some early reporting of the event, which appeared in The Santa Barbara Independent:

One of the suspects was also reportedly killed, and another is in custody.

From the updated story:

Initial reports suggested that two suspects were involved in the shooting, but [Sheriff] Brown said during a 2:30 a.m. press conference Saturday morning that the gunman acted alone. Brown said the man was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and that investigators are working to determine if other weapons were involved.

From Truth Frequency Radio:

Today on The Kev Baker Show, Kev Baker revealed groundbreaking information about the mysterious “second shooter” that was injured and taken into custody…

The audio clearly states that two gunmen were wounded and taken into custody. No further reports were made of a second gunman.

It’s similar to the Boston Marathon “bombing”, in which Tamerlan Tsarnaev is seen getting into a police car but later declared dead. Anyway, the fact is that initially, eyewitnesses reported seeing two people in the car during the Santa Barbara event. In addition, one of the men on the Kev Baker Show insists:

This is not the same car, it’s not the same crime scene. Everything about this has been changed since it started Saturday…Within an hour they changed the crime scene pictures.

More quotes from the show:

Kelly Hoover, a spokesperson for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said, ‘A second suspect in the mass shooting was taken into custody following last night’s shooting spree.’

[Rodger] was seeing three therapists, which is just the opposite of what was reported, the opposite of what the Sheriff’s Department had to say Saturday night during a live broadcast.

In addition, they point out that although Rodger was allegedly shot in his car and a bicyclist allegedly crashed through its windshield, there’s no blood in or on the car.

The radio program is quite interesting and includes a lot of commentary and information, including the police audio. The show can be found here and here.

Along with the confusion about who was in the car:

In the audio we clearly hear the police instructed to “stay away” from Isla Vista during this situation. This is similar to reports we received during Sandy Hook, where local police reported “special units” taking over the scenes and restricting their access. During the Aurora, CO “Batman Shooting”, police radio transmissions stated that a second shooter was apprehended. The description of the suspects changed from multiple shooters in “swat-like attire” to a lone gunman “dressed like the Joker”. Once again, the same anomalies emerge with the Elliot Rodger situation.

And, similar to other events of this type, there’s also an active shooter drill in the story. In this case, it was scheduled for May 28th from 8am to 12pm at the Santa Barbara Community College:

active shooter drill_capture

The Rodger “rampage” occurred on May 23rd, five days before the drill; however, perhaps it was wisely decided that another event coincidentally coinciding with a scheduled drill would be a little too obvious. And, as reported by Truth Frequency Radio, it seems the community was confused as to when the drill would take place. Besides, wouldn’t knowledge of a drill be a good reason for officers not to question why they were ordered to stay away from Rodger’s crime scenes?

Some are also questioning how someone like Rodger could have stabbed three people to death. As they’re saying, not only does it take courage, but it takes skill to stab someone in the right place to incapacitate and kill them. And how could he stab three people to death? Wouldn’t you think at least one of them would have heard the others being killed and run out of there? In addition, why would he choose to stab his roommates when he was already prepared to go on a shooting spree? After all, it’s been reported that he had several handguns and over 400 bullets with him.

As with other events, there will be more to the story after thinking people study the available data. For those so inclined, there are photos and a bit more info in a previous post.

A man on the Kev Baker Show seems to suggest that when police visited Rodgers they found a perfect patsy. Is he implying that this was a real event, i.e., that people were really killed? Or, perhaps they found a maladjusted, arrogant boy eager to star in a government ruse. Do one of these fit better with the fact that they switched cars and crime scenes for official photos? But why would they set up a bloodless scene that so-called conspiracy theorists would wonder about? Is it perhaps a red herring? All I’m sure of is that nothing is ever as it’s portrayed to us through official sources and mass media.

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