Videos exposing Santa Barbara shooting hoax

The videos are by Red Pill Revolution. First, a few screen shots:

Although Elliot Rodger allegedly suffered a gunshot wound to his head while inside his car, there is no blood in the car:

car interior_no blood car interior_no blood 2

Then, there are the alleged crime scenes. This is where the son of the gun-control-obsessed father was allegedly shot:

deli workers clean up crime scene

Since when do deli workers clean up crime scenes? The first video explains how blood splatter should be all over those nicely arranged chips, if Christopher Martinez was actually shot there. Also, notice the replacement glass conveniently on hand. And, it seems law enforcement left behind a bullet casing:

bullet casing left for 711 crew to clean up

Then, there’s a crime scene involving a bicycle. Notice that the bike is missing in earlier photos:

bike placed by car

The videos:

Here’s another video. This one’s by The Paulstal Service. It includes footage of alleged witnesses and observations on product placement. Very interesting.

See, also, this footage of the parents of one of Rodger’s alleged roommates. Major theatrics, but no tears. In the video’s comments section, someone asks the excellent question, why would a rich kid need three roommates? Video by KateSlate11:

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