Video: U.N. trucks being transported through Alabama

This video shows brand new U.N. vehicles being hauled through Alabama.

Someone commenting on the video insisted that the vehicles were in the U.S. to be painted, as the folks who usually paint U.N. vehicles were on strike. How would he or she know that? I couldn’t find news of any such strike. I also tried to find out where U.N. vehicles are produced. The search engine returned links about Jeep. However, Jeep doesn’t have production centers in the southern U.S.

Awhile back there were several reports of fleets of U.N. vehicles being stored in the U.S. From a 2003 article at Greater Things, 650+ UN vehicles were being stored on prison land near Bastrop, Texas. Someone allegedly from the prison reported that the vehicles were being fitted with prisoner cages and shackles to be used by Immigration and Naturalization Service. However, the report states that the photos were taken in 1999 and in 2003 there were even more vehicles parked there. It sounds like something the government would do, i.e., purchase millions of dollars worth of vehicles and just let them sit.

Anyway, here is a photo of the vehicles parked in Texas:

UN vehicles in TX

This is from the recent Alabama video:

UN vehicles shipped through Alabama

And this, from another YouTube video. These vehicles were in Jacksonville, Florida, discovered on Google Earth in 2010:

Un vehicles Jacksonville FL

At least one debunker said these were Kias, but has no source to back that up, as his supporting links bring up foreign websites that don’t seem to be talking about U.N. vehicles.

What I find interesting is the effort put into debunking the photos. Usually, non-conspiracy types just ignore things like this.

I had been leaning toward the belief that the vehicles were and are here temporarily. If we’re secretly making vehicles for the U.N., that explains why we’re seeing so many of them here. However, the U.S. seems to do little in the way of vehicle manufacturing these days.

If the U.S. is not producing U.N. vehicles, but U.N. vehicles are in the U.S., then perhaps it’s another reason for us to be alarmed.

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