UK using cardboard cutouts of police to deter crime

From RT (H/T usahitman):

More than 750 cutouts of policemen have been bought by UK forces at a cost of more than $85,000. The 2D police constable cutouts are aimed at deterring shoplifters who would mistake them for real officers from afar…but no one knows if they really work.

AFP Photo / Oli Scarff

Police forces across England have purchased a collective 782 cutouts. At the same time, some 10,000 jobs have been cut, according to a recent report released by Mail Online.

Twenty-one police forces have forked out £53,940 (more than US $85,000), meaning nearly half of all the UK’s police forces have “invested” in what a campaign group has termed a “gimmick.”

Apparently, cardboard cops are rather popular in Asia. They’ve also been used in Massachusetts:

cardboard cutout cop works

It seems a perfectly good idea. Imagine the lives that would be saved if the U.S. traded its murderous cops for cardboard cutouts. The money saved could be given to our good cops, those who uphold their oath to protect and serve.

Another great idea from the country that gave us Monty Python and Mr. Bean. Ta.

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