Bookworm’s gun manifesto

There is a magnificent article at Bookworm Room that provides a detailed argument as to why gun ownership makes us safer. It also addresses the lies told by gun-grabbers and is well worth the time it takes to read the rather lengthy article. Here are some excerpts from Bookworm’s 5-point gun manifesto:

Individuals Bearing Arms Are The Best Defense Against The World’s Most Dangerous Killer: Government.

Individuals with guns are (thankfully) inefficient killers when compared to individuals who use other ends to achieve their murderous goals (bombs, cars, planes, etc.). Even a few individuals working in concert cannot kill more than a few hundred people at a time. (And yes, that’s a few hundred too many, but it’s still less than innocents on the wrong ends of bombs, planes, etc.)

The serious killers in the last century haven’t been individuals or small groups. The serious killers have been governments acting against unarmed (usually disarmed) citizens.

America’s Founding Fathers recognized that government is the greatest threat and drafted the Second Amendment accordingly.

Bookworm, a Jew, uses the mass murdering of Jews to make two points that apply to others:

(a) if Jews were armed, they could have fought back; and (b) if Jews were known for fighting back, it’s unlikely that the anti-Semites would have so readily attacked.

Bookworm also points out:

There is one specific American subgroup that uses guns most and, tragically, dies from guns the most: blacks and, more specifically, young black males. (Incidentally, if you remove this group from American gun-death statistics, America could be some peaceful European country when it comes to gun deaths.)

[Gun-grabbers cannot] accept real-time data showing that, when law-abiding citizens in black communities are also armed, the bad guys quickly start slinking away.

Regarding homicide statistics:

I mentioned before that, in 1991, Americans killed each other in the greatest numbers ever: 24,700 Americans died that year at the hands of other Americans. Since then, the numbers have declined steadily. In 2011, only 14,661 Americans were murdered, a 40% crime drop that reverted America to murder numbers last seen in around 1969, when 14,760 Americans were murdered. As John Lott has pointed out with almost mind-numbing repetitiveness, what happened in between that peak death year and today is that law-abiding Americans armed themselves in ever greater numbers.

Bookworm’s fourth point:

A Self-Defended Society Is A Safe Society.

An armed society is protected against its government, and moral, law-abiding citizens with guns are protected from the predators amongst them. If you doubt that, just look at England: Once it banned guns, it became a country with violent crime and murder rates consistent with South Africa’s – and that’s not something any civilized country wants to boast about.

Bookworm’s fifth point:

The Only Way Gun-Control Activists Can Support Their Position Is To Lie.

If you have to lie to support your position, you don’t have a case. It’s as simple as that.

The facts don’t support the premise that America’s schools are being turned into daily bloodbaths because of armed and crazed students.

Nor do the facts support the assumption that most mass murders are committed by white men. Isn’t that interesting? Equally interesting are statistics reported by the leftist magazine, Mother Jones, which revealed:

the group most disproportionately represented on the Mother Jones chart [of mass murderers] is Americans of Asian descent.

Also mentioned by Bookworm is a POTUS lie-fest, or press conference, in which he stated that America’s level of gun violence is “off the charts” and America is “the only developed country on earth where this happens.” However:

Obama is wrong in every way. As the data shows [sic], we’ve returned to murder levels last seen in 1969, which means that we’re not getting more violent, we’re getting significantly less violent. And while correlation isn’t causation, there’s compelling evidence from Western nations the world over, not to mention the individual American states, that violence goes down when legal gun ownership goes up, and that violence goes up when legal gun ownership goes down. That’s a pretty strong correlation/causation argument.

We’re being fed loads of horse manure from our government and its mouthpieces, the mainstream media. However, what’s up with this? From June 12th, CNN:

Professor: Statistics show mass shootings not on the rise

Northeastern University criminology professor James Alan Fox compiled the data of shootings with four or more fatalities from 1976 to 2012, and found that these incidents on a chart look like an EKG: up and down, not a steady rise


when you point out that these shootings invariably take place using legally obtained guns in heavily gun-controlled states and in designated “gun-free zones,” the same DemProgs scream that you’re an idiot, a murderer, and a Nazi. And that’s when you know that you’re right.

Let me reiterate the point I made at the beginning of this section: You know you’re right if your opponent’s only evidence is fraudulent.

And, Bookworm’s summary:

Any sane gun supporter will freely concede that guns can be used for evil purposes. What all gun grabbers refuse to concede, though, is that history and crime statistics establish with almost boring repetition a few facts:

Armed governments facing off against their unarmed populations are massively efficient killers, often leaving tens of millions of dead bodies in their wake.

In the modern era, no government has attempted to go full-bore totalitarian when its citizens are armed.

Communities that have more law-abiding citizens with guns than criminals with guns are safe communities, a reality that would most benefit black Americans.

Guns kill . . . and that’s a good thing. By doing so, they serve as a bulwark protecting individual citizens from predatory people and governments. That’s why individual citizens must be stalwart in their defense of the Second Amendment right to bear arms, resisting all government efforts to grab their guns, something that would leave them vulnerable, not only to bad guys and jihadists, but to the government itself.

Again, the entire article can be found at Bookworm Room.




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