Jarrett and Murdoch plot immigration strategy – still think you can trust Fox News?

This is for any Conservatives who may still trust Fox News. Here is more proof that Rupert Murdoch is, and always has been, at least an opportunist and at worst a closet globalist. He is now playing footsies with slumlord and POTUS mentor, Valerie Jarrett. According to the Washington Examiner:

“Good policy sometimes makes strange bedfellows,” [Jarrett] told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor Friday, adding that she was impressed by Murdoch’s passion for passing comprehensive immigration reform.

“He is an immigrant himself and he understands from a business perspective how important immigration reform would be to our economy,” she said. “… Sometimes decisions are tough but it’s time for Congress to step up and act now — and that’s something he said privately to me, and I was heartened to see him express it publicly.”

She said Republicans shouldn’t be spooked by former Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat…“Having heard from someone like a Rupert Murdoch [on the issue],” Republicans shouldn’t feel scared of it, she said.

In other words, Republican politicians shouldn’t be afraid to vote for immigration reform because Murdoch’s Fox News will brainwash conservative viewers into accepting the alien masses into our bankrupt nation. Soon, viewers will be supporting politicians who endorse globalist immigration policies, which will bring total ruin to our economy and destroy our culture. Or, we could say, it will fundamentally change the U.S.

Please, to anyone who still trusts media, stop allowing yourselves to be manipulated by them. Do your own research. Primary source documents revealing their plans are all over the Internet. Globalist documents can be found on this site, in our reading room.

The Jarretts and Murdochs of this world are herding us off the edge of a cliff. Let’s stop listening to their evil, siren-like mouthpieces before it’s too late.

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