UN hiring Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintigration Officers for NYC

From DAHBOO77:

To disarm means to divest of weapons and to deprive of the means of attack or defense; in other words, to render harmless. To demobilize means to disband, or to cease to function as an organization. To reintegrate is to restore to a condition of integration, which means to join with something else, or to make into a whole by bringing all parts together.

Check out the UN website for UNODA, United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, which has some interesting information. Its Regional Disarmament Branch (RDB), does some interesting work:

At the request of Member States, RDB provides substantive expertise…including supporting the development and implementation of practical disarmament measures…

RDB further contributes to UN-wide policy discussions and joint programming on cross-cutting issues such as: security sector reform, armed violence prevention and reduction, and gender mainstreaming.

Gender mainstreaming? What does that have to do with disarmament?

The PoA, UN Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons, met in NYC June 16-20 for its Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014.

H.E. Zahir Tanin of Afghanistan has been endorsed by Member States as chair-designate of BMS5.

Tanin is Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. According to Wikipedia:

Islamic republic is the name given to several states in countries ruled by Islamic laws.


According to Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index 2010 results, Afghanistan was ranked as the third most-corrupt country in the world.

Papers submitted by attending nations can be read here. And this is the contribution from the U.S. Reading such boring papers reveals that the U.S. government is involved with all sorts of globalist groups. For example, the paper linked above states that the U.S. reports SL/LW (small arms/light weapons) transfers to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and to the Wassenaar Arrangement on export controls for conventional arms and dual-use good and technologies. It also states that the U.S. supports the expansion of the UN Register (which, for now, records the transfer of really big weapons, such as tanks and helicopters) to include SL/LW.

As confirmation that SL/LW includes personal firearms, there’s this from the Arms Control Association:

Twenty-five of the 36 participating countries claimed to export small arms and light weapons in 2007. Together, they listed more than 140 recipient countries, thereby revealing information about many countries that provided no data.

The single largest exporter, Croatia, claimed the transfer of more than 650,000 weapons, comprised primarily of 528,766 revolvers and self-loading pistols and 120,300 rifles and carbines to the United States. Although submitting information on major conventional weapons transfers, such as tanks, the United States did not provide small arms and light weapons data.

Does it sound like they’re collecting only metadata on SA/LW? From the U.S. paper for the Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014:

International Tracing Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace, in a Timely and Reliable Manner, Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons

The United States remains a strong supporter of marking and tracing of SA/LW…The United States also encourages states to designate the frame or receiver of a small arm or a light weapon as an “essential or structural component”…while recognizing that states may also apply additional markings to the barrel and/or other parts of the weapon to aid in identification. On tracing, the United States highlights the need to keep tracing within appropriate law enforcement channels to protect sensitive information and support ongoing investigations.

Is it possible that Fast and Furious was a test case for this international tracking scheme?

Anyway, interesting catch by DAHBOO77. The globalists are obsessed with disarming us. But what about our personal safety? Are we supposed to rely on our increasingly murderous police? Or UN troops who rape and kill? Why would an organization claiming to support human rights want to take away our right to defend ourselves? They say, “It’s your world.” If it is, why can’t we choose to own firearms? Is it because of their other slogan, “A stronger UN for a better world“? How much stronger would they be if they were the only ones who owned weapons?

Disarm, Demobilize, Reintegrate = New World Order.

What type of people will they hire to bring this about?

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