Chicago man roughed up and arrested for taking parking ticket too quickly

Cell phone footage of the incident was uploaded to LiveLeak. From the Daily Mail:

The three men in the video were riding in a car together when the driver allegedly parked on a sidewalk and tried to leave, but was stopped by police.

The clip clocking in at 2 minutes and 41 seconds shows a hulking police officer in a bulletproof vest approach the motorist holding a parking citation.

The cop goes to hand the ticket to the man, who appears upset and abruptly snatches the piece of paper from the officer’s hands.

The suspect’s brusque gesture enrages the officer, who yanks the motorist by the neck and then slams him against a nearby wall face first.

As he is being fitted with a pair of handcuffs, the driver demands to know why he is being placed under arrest, to which the officer responds: ‘for being stupid.’

The video:

Here are still shots from the video, but they don’t capture the essence of what really happened. The cop flies off the handle for no legitimate reason. He needs to be fired before he kills someone. Problem is, the victim looks like a white guy. Therefore, don’t expect any outrage, as no one gains political points by helping a white male.

man takes ticket too fast 1man takes ticket too fast 3man takes ticket too fast 4

H/T: Infowars Nightly News.

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