Gun-grabbers not reporting Chicago’s 77 shootings over July 4th weekend

According to local station, CBS in Chicago:

At least 11 people were killed and 60 others were wounded over the long holiday weekend, from Thursday afternoon, to early Monday morning.

There were also six police-involved shootings, two of them involving teens who were killed.

Why aren’t national mainstream media reporting this? Off Grid Survival asked the same question. Here it is, along with their answer:

But where is the mainstream media coverage? Where is Anderson Cooper and the rest of the mainstream morons crying about the evils of guns and how we need to pass more gun-control legislation? Where are the speeches from our President condemning those evil “assault weapons”?

Well, you’re not going to hear from any of them. You see, Chicago already has that legislation in place. In fact, Chicago is an Anti-Gun politician’s Utopian view of how the world’s supposed to work. Only, what’s happening in Chicago is exactly what us law-abiding gun owners have been warning about for years; the place has fallen into an absolute state of war.

In a city where it’s almost impossible for a law abiding citizen to buy or own a firearm, criminals have flooded the streets with illegal weapons and have turned the city into an absolute nightmare. It’s so bad, that residents actually refer to the city as “Terror Town” or “Chiraq”, because there are more murders and violence that occur in Chicago than during the war in Iraq. While the mainstream media may not want to cover what’s going on in Chicago, because it would expose their agenda and prove that their policies are an utter failure, it’s kind of hard to ignore the reality of the situation.

It should be noted that widely reported shootings are usually, if not always, staged events. National media rarely report real crimes.

Nevertheless, someone commenting on Off Grid Survival’s post stated that after the UK’s gun ban, its streets were not flooded with illegal weapons; therefore, “It’s the people that are the problem.” That person is right. There’s a mindset within certain U.S. subcultures that supports homicidal violence as a way of life.

Therefore, the propensity for violence has to be addressed before there’s any talk of anti-gun legislation, i.e., before innocent, law-abiding citizens are left defenseless. In other words, it’s inhumane, unjust, and insane to impose gun laws on American citizens just because those laws work in other countries. See the statistics offered by PJ Media. Their conclusion:

These data show that law-abiding Americans are safest where they have the easiest access to firearms.

However, such data do not matter to globalist gun-grabbers:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlined a plan on Wednesday to make Chicago’s gun laws, already some of the strictest in the country, even tougher.

May God help the innocent people of Chicago. They’re at the mercy of the murderous thugs who roam their streets and occupy their state house.

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