Did this FHP spill the beans on upcoming changes to gun laws?

Just came across this video (also embedded at the end of this post), released in early June. According to The Gun Writer, Sean Williams, traveling in his car, was stopped by a Florida Highway Patrol officer for reasons unknown. After telling the officer he was armed, apparently he’s a professional bodyguard, the officer told him to step out of the car so she could take his weapons.

In the video shot by Williams, he is back in his car when the officer returns and tells him that the law states, in her words, that the gun must have the magazine out of it, there cannot be one in the chamber, and it cannot be easily accessible and that’s what they’ve been told.

The date on the video is August 2013. In an email sent to Williams from FHP chief spokeswoman Capt. Nancy Rasmussen, he’s thanked for “bringing this to our attention.” A few minutes later, Rasmussen sent another email stating that the officer had resigned in December 2013.

In the video, Williams mentions the Florida Department of Agriculture because that’s the department that issues concealed carry licenses in the state of Florida. Isn’t that a bit strange?

Florida is about to choose a new governor. In the running is the current governor, Rick Scott, whom, it seems, nearly every Floridian dislikes and Charlie Crist, who will sell himself to anyone for anything. Because Scott is so vulnerable and Crist is a political whore, is it possible that new anti-gun laws have already been written and are just waiting to be foisted upon unsuspecting Floridians? Is it possible that the FHP officer was told about upcoming changes in gun laws, got confused, and spilled the beans to Williams?

A recent commenter on another website stated that bad things often start in Florida. I think that person may be right because all sorts of globalist ideas are tested there.

Perhaps concealed carriers in Florida should begin spending less time at the shooting range and instead practice walloping bad guys with their empty guns.

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