Biological terrorism maps – is the U.S. under attack?

Here is a map from August 2014:

Aug 18 2014 health map_US more than elsewhere

This was captured today from Contagious Disease Surveillance:

health map Oct 08 2014

And from a Pakalert Press post:outbreak map Oct 2014

From Pakalert Press:

Straight from the global incident map website: “Displaying Outbreaks, Cases And Deaths From Viral And Bacterial Diseases Which Have The Potential To Indicate Biological Terrorism.”

This map…even coincides with this newly released alert from the website of Steve Quayle.

From Steve Quayle’s site:

Below is a list of countries that have confirmed cases of Ebola:

· Every country in Africa

· Spain

· Italy

· France

· Germany

· Poland

· Greece

· Turkey

· Saudi Arabia

· Yemen

· Oman

· Iran

· Kuwait

· Vietnam

· Myanmar

· India

· Indonesia

· Australia

· China

· Brazil

· Venezuela

· Mexico

· United States

· Canada

What you’re seeing here is the initial global footprint of the Ebola virus…

Here are a couple of interesting YouTube videos. The second one mentions a few “accidents” in which laboratory viruses got loose and lists symptoms that are common between the diseases we’re now seeing in the U.S.

As others have asked, why is our government bringing infected people into the U.S.? And why won’t they secure our borders, especially now with all these deadly diseases? What will it take for the majority of our citizens to wake up and see that no one is acting in our best interests?

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