U.S. to lose 247 million people?

Folks are talking about a website that is predicting population statistics for 2025, a mere eleven years from now. For the U.S., which in 2013 had a population of 316 million, they anticipate only 69 million will be around in 2025. That’s a loss of 247 million people in twelve years!

The site provides statistics and forecasts for 209 countries which, taken together, paints an interesting picture. Here are a few of their population predictions:

  • China 2013, 1.4 billion; 2025, 1.4 billion
  • Japan 127 million; 125 million
  • France 66 million; 42 million
  • UK 63 million; 32 million
  • Australia 22 million; 12 million
  • Colombia 46 million; 50 million
  • Mexico 119 million; 127 million
  • Saudi Arabia 27 million; 27 million
  • Iran 80 million; 85 million
  • Israel 7.7 million; 4.4 million

It all makes for interesting reading and speculation about what’s going to happen to all the missing people. I mean, birth control isn’t going to reduce the population that quickly.

The website is Deagel.com, which calls itself a “guide to military equipment and civil aviation.” I can’t find any information regarding where or how they got their predictions or anything about who runs the site. However, the information they provide is, as already mentioned, quite interesting if you like looking at numbers. If you can get into it, figures can tell quite a story. The site provides data such as the nations’ GDP, military expenditures and military equipment, as well as news and info on over 2,800 military contractors.

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