Joshua Hakken speaks at his sentencing trial

In case you’re not familiar with Joshua Hakken and his wife, they are a couple that kidnapped their two sons and sailed with them to Cuba. What makes the story exceptional is Hakken’s claims of being the victim of government mind and experimentation. My lengthy 2013 report on them can be found here. This is an update to that story.

According to a Tampa news outlet, during his sentencing trial:

For over 30 minutes, Hakken went on a rant, accusing the government of conspiracy, warning the court that the end of the world is near and even proclaiming himself a prophet.

Most of the news stories are like this – dismissive, calling him bizarre, long-winded, and ranting. However, there is a rather thorough article provided by the Tampa Tribune:

Joshua Hakken spoke for about 40 minutes at his sentencing hearing, saying he knows the doctors say he’s mentally ill, paranoid and delusional. He said he wants therapy, but mainly to prove them wrong.

“I am not nor have I ever believed myself to be insane,” Hakken said. “That is the prognosis of the court doctors. I do want treatment, either to make these doctors aware of the logic of my arguments and convince them that these things happened to me, this government is this out of control, or to convince me that I’m wrong and I’m insane.

“I feel like I’m in two worlds right now, and I know I’m sane and the world is mad right now. With that, this whole experience has left me mad. I’ve asked for counseling. You don’t endure the tortures I’ve endured without having part of your life and soul taken out of you.”

Hakken, an engineer, wove an elaborate tale that involved the U.S. military, the CIA, the National Security Agency and groups including renegade Freemasons, Illuminati and others. The “wicked” forces, he said conspired to control his mind and the weather, and he and his wife connected with kindred spirits determined to expose what they saw as the truth.

When he was a child, he said, he was thrown from a horse, killed and revived by the sting of wasps. “I have, by miracle alone, survived fatal injury and attempts on my life… I have many names from many different religions, all awaiting my appearance among you. I have known the spirit is part of me.”

Hakken’s lawyer, Jorge Chalela, said the Hakkens experienced a rare, shared delusion that convinced them what they were doing was necessary. Chalela argued for a lesser prison sentence with mental health treatment.

I have been unable to find more than snippets of his speech. Here are the few I heard:

I want to explain to you all the tyrannical attacks and abuses inflicted on us by criminals operating in the government of the United States of America..

I have many memories of interactions, abuses, and experiments performed on me by members of the CIA…

I was going insane…

I am the Yeshua or Joshua to the tribe of Judah, I am the Brahma, the true white friend to the Hopi, I am the Lucifer or the morning star to the Freemasons.

From my previous post, the Hakkens before and after:

Hakkens before 2

Hakkens mugshots

According to the Tampa Tribune:

The children were removed from the couple following an incident in 2012 at a hotel in Slidell, Louisiana, where police found Joshua Hakken passed out in a room with marijuana and a knife. His wife had bruises on her body and was ranting about being a ninja in the witness-protection program, authorities said.

Joshua Hakken said they had been traveling to get away from government torture involving chemicals being sprayed on their property from airplanes and attacks with low-frequency electronic weapons.

“I have little to no memory of our actions or the events of those days,” he said. “I do remember feeling like we were fighting for our survival, our minds and our sanity.

“I was barely able to understand what was happening, but I knew it was wrong, affecting all four of us. This included shared hallucinations, burning sensations, audible voices from unseen sources and the feeling that someone was inside our home hurting us. The 60-year-old trusses in our attic started weeping sap and becoming brittle.”

He said he was able to care for his children and his wife, who he said had lost control of her bodily functions. He said he stood guard over their home, ready to leave at first light.

“My next memories were waking up in Louisiana hotel room full of policemen” he said. “I had a sharp, stabbing pain in my right buttocks where I believe I’d been forcibly drugged. I remember hallucinating and seeing colors. I did not know who I was, where I was, what I was saying or what was happening. I believe we were captured by the National Security Administration, drugged and left in that room. I was arrested and my children taken away. My wife was missing. I did not regain awareness until the next day.”

His wife was admitted to a mental hospital. The children were put in foster care.

The wife’s parents have consistently testified against the couple and now have custody of their two boys. As for Hakken’s wife, according to the Tampa Tribune:

Sharyn Hakken’s lawyer, Bryant Camereno, has said her client wants a divorce and has begun another romantic relationship with a woman she met while in jail.

She was sentenced to seven years in prison for kidnapping her own sons and Joshua to fifteen. He was ordered to have no contact with them.

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