No Michael E. Brown, Jr. in Ferguson?

According to a post at Memory Hole Blog, there is no official evidence that anyone named Michael E. Brown, Jr. lived or die in Missouri and neither is there evidence that his mother and stepfather have any connection to a Michael Brown. However, from the Memory Hole Blog post:

Now…here’s where it really starts to get weird. There is a Michael E. Brown Jr. that passed away this year but it was on July 28th, 2014. Funeral services were held at St Ignacious Catholic Church on–guess what date? August 9th, the same day as our alleged Ferguson, Missouri ‘Michael Brown Jr’ was gunned down. [Michael E. Brown Jr.’s obituary.] There are also photo comparisons of both Michael Brown Jr’s in a youtube video : [The account hosting this video has since been deleted by YouTube.-JFT].

That YouTube channel may be down but you can find the video, or at least the same info, here (download it while you can) or embedded near the end of this post (until YouTube removes it). Here are some screen shots from the video. The first two are of the California Michael Brown’s obituary and the others are comparisons of photos of the Missouri Michael Brown with those of the California Michael Brown:

brown obit page_29 yo real michael e brown obittwo michael browns two michael browns 5 two michael browns 6 two michael browns 2 two michael browns 3 two michael browns 4

Here’s the video:

It seems their creation of Michael Brown was similar to what they did with the alleged Sandy Hook victims. In the Sandy Hook event they manipulated old photos of children. In other words, at the time of the shooting the children were several years older than they were in the photos used to represent them in the hoax. You can see evidence of it in this article that examines the Sandy Hook choir that sang at the Superbowl on February 3, 2013. The shooting took place Dec 14, 2012. Here’s an example:

Ben Wheeler at Superbowl

In Brown’s case, it seems they’ve taken photos of California Brown when he was around 19 years old and convinced us that they are photos of Missouri Brown, a person who never existed. Whatever next?

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